2012: Twin Flames and Twin Souls – Is There a Difference?

Is there a difference between a Twin Flame and a Twin soul? No there isn’t. A Twin Soul occurs when part of an original soul splits into two parts to form your other Self, or Twin Flame. consequently a Twin Flame is the mirror image of one soul that has divided into two parts, one being male principal and one being female, so yes a Twin Flame is also known as your Twin Soul.

A Twin Flame is also referred to as your Divine supplement. Everybody has one. There are no exceptions. It is a uncommon and very scarce thing for Twin Flames to incarnate together, and if they do so it is for a very specific and unavoidable reason.

When a soul takes on a low density physical form in the human vicinity, it’s Twin Flame remains behind in the higher dimensions and acts as a guide to sustain it’s other half. Now during the time of action called Ascension, which started at the end of 2012, twin flames are uniting in order to fulfil their divine missions together. The specific reason for this is to help raise the consciousness of humanity and the planet by your combined energy.

How do you know you’re with your Twin Flame?

Whether incarnated or not, the bond or connection you will feel with your other half is deeply loving and spiritual. It is nothing like the human bond formed in a romantic relationship. The twin flame bond transcends this. This is how you can tell the difference. Whilst in physical form, your bond with your Twin is the closest you will come to experiencing Oneness. There is no mistaking it. It will give you a taste of the Oneness you will experience when you ascend out of the human vicinity into the higher dimensions.

The Relationship

Your relationship with your Twin will be the most satisfying and rewarding relationship you will ever have. It can also be the most frustrating. But I can assure you at all event you have to go by to make it satisfying will be worth it in the end. Your Twin is your mirror so all your negative emotional baggage from your current and past lifetimes will surface between you to be cleared. So be prepared for some discomfort in the beginning.

at all event happens, always remember that this is a holy union and only pure unconditional love will blossom this relationship. Your ego has no place in this union, so if you want the most satisfying and rewarding relationship you’ve ever experienced, invite your ego to take a back seat. It’s no accident that your twin found you, so honor that and make your union a powerful one that will fulfill your mission together in helping raise the consciousness of our planet.

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