8 Reasons Why Life is Like Jello

8 Reasons Why Life is Like Jello

1 It comes in high, vibrant colors: Obvious but nonetheless true. Color is jellos reason for being. Can you imagine colorless jello? The essence of life is no less vibrant.

2 It has a secret formula: Does anybody know what in it and why it is there in the first place? The best approach is to accept as it is and enjoy it.

3 It is wobbly and some what elusive: Have you ever tried holding jello in your hands? Isn’t life often just as difficult to grasps?

4 It makes children happy: Children show the same wide-eyed intrigue and enthusiasm for life as they do for jello.

This may or may not diminish with time but you will find you are in trouble once you start taking jello to seriously.

5 Best enjoyed in small servings: The best moments in life are just that-moments. Jello is also particularity enjoyable when dispatched into little plastic cups and consumed in small doses.(Usually several are required.)

6 It shapes well. You can put in different containers and end up with a variety of results. Aren’t our lives moulded to some extent by our surroundings and the way we perceive things?

7 There is a time frame too: Like life, jello roles within a specific time frame. It has an beginning stage, a mature/mature staged and a get-that-things away from me stage!

8 Its worth the wait: Waiting for jello to set is phenomenally challenging.

meaningful development in life too are similarly not so easy to unprotected to.The truth is that you just cant hurry life, love or jello.

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