A Guide to Pendulum Dowsing

A Guide to Pendulum Dowsing

A beginners guide to working with a Pendulum

Would you like to find lost objects; answer-puzzling questions find your lucky numbers? I bet you would. Have you ever seen anyone use a ‘forked twig’ (called dowsing) to locate underground water? already if you haven’t seen this in real life you must’ve seen it in the movies. How come some people can find water and others cannot? Is it something magical or is it something inherent in everyone?

What is dowsing? Well, it’s a technique where the psychic or sensitive faculty of the brain can be used to acquire information not typically registered by the everyday / conscious mind. In finding water a forked twig is used, held outward when the Dowser finds the underground flow the rod begins to jerk (some – times violently) downward. The water does not have to flow, it can be nevertheless. I’m not going into detail about the forked twig but will explain another, already simpler, method of Dowsing (or divining) The Pendulum. In making your own Pendulum all you need is a length of cotton (or string) and a small weight. Your weight can be glass, your favourite crystal, metal, wood, or plastic, anything small enough to carry around with you. Your length of cotton should be about 30cm. Having made your Pendulum you should keep up it (between thumb and forefinger) in the opposite hand to your writing hand.

Step One: First of all you need to establish a code for yes or no. Most people find a clockwise motion method yes and an anti – clockwise motion to average no. A few experiments will soon show YOUR code. Sometimes a side – to – side or backwards and forwards motion occurs. Again, a little experimenting will let you know which method yes and which method no. Try this simple (but effective) experiment: Fill a dish with water, keep up your Pendulum over the dish, relax your mind as best you can and ask the question: “Does the dish contain water?” You know it does, all you’re attempting to find out is the motion your Pendulum is going to take for a ‘yes’ answer.

Try again with an empty dish noticing the direction your Pendulum is taking. Experiment like this for a few days until you feel comfortable holding your Pendulum and discovering which direction method ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ When the Pendulum moves it is NOT moving of it’s own accord but is subconsciously controlled by subtle muscle movements; your muscle movements. Remembering at all times it is NOT the Pendulum, which is answering the questions; it is the psychic faculty of your own mind. In the beginning people tend to think that some mysterious force is at work and become all consumed with this magical force. Rest assured this is not so, it’s all happening from within you, controlled by YOU.

Step Two: After you’ve experimented for a time it’s only fair, at this stage, to mention what’s going on. As with all other psychic techniques, from Tarot cards, Clairvoyance, to ESP, dowsing can provide information about past, present, and future. All you need to know are a few simple steps. At all times, whenever you’re experimenting with the Pendulum, keep an open mind and restrict your trials to 20-30 minutes every second or third day. Don’t fall into the trap of asking your Pendulum everyday questions like “should I take in the washing?”

Step Three: Let’s suppose you were thinking about changing your job or asking for a raise, maybe already moving house. You should sit in your favourite chair, relaxing your mind. Write down your question on a piece of paper then keep up your Pendulum above your writing pad. In a short time you’ll notice the Pendulum move and according to its direction you would take you answer from there. Let’s assume you received a YES answer to whether you should change jobs. You can now develop your answer by asking another question: When? You should write down a list of options, i.e. next week, next month, 6-8 weeks, etc.

keep up your Pendulum over each option and you should receive your answer consequently. You can use this technique for a wide variety of questions, keeping an open mind as to the answers received. Another question might be: What are my lucky numbers? You would then write out a list from 1-100 and using your Pendulum keep up it over each number in turn asking yes or no. You should then write down all the numbers considered lucky. You might want to use these numbers the next time you try the Lotto, Keno, Pools, etc. For those who are really interested in using the Pendulum for gambling you can pick horses in any race using the above method. Keeping in mind at all times, the information is coming from within you and not from anywhere else, if you do manage to pick a few winners or, win a few jackpots it’s only because the information was there all the time.

Step Four: except the fun you can have with Step three there’s another useful and emotional demonstration of Pendulum Dowsing which I would like to proportion with you, the finding of missing objects. As an experiment ask someone to hide something from you and then ask your Pendulum a series of questions. You should be able to locate the hidden object. Let’s say your friend hid your wedding ring in a jar in the kitchen. You would begin your series of questions by asking if it were in the house, living room, hallway, etc. Once you’ve located the room then it’s only a matter of finding out whether it is high or low. Maybe already going into the room and letting the Pendulum guide you (as you get closer it should spin wildly). You might not be successful on your first few attempts but if you persevere you’ll soon become more and more accurate.

Step Five: When planning your holidays (once you’ve picked a few winners) you should write out a list of the places you would like to visit and ask the Pendulum which one is favourable and plan consequently. already if you find yourself lost (and you’ve become proficient in using your Pendulum) you can ask for directions, with or without a map! Here are a few other suggestions. Ask simple questions to begin with (so that you can check the answers closest), questions such as: Is there any mail in the mailbox? Have someone hide something and holding your Pendulum try to locate it. Ask someone to place a coin in one of three upturned cups and see if you can locate the coin. Once again I repeat, the Pendulum moves because YOU make it move, the answers received are coming from within YOU and nowhere else

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