A List Of character Definitions

A List Of character Definitions

There are numerous types of character on the market that are being advertised at any given time. Some of these names for different similarities may be confusing, so it is vital that you know what to expect, here are the names of the character types and their definition.

Terraced Housing:

Terraced Housing is an old fashioned character set up where more than two (usually three or four) houses are joined together. To avoid using the phrase terraced, estate agents will now use the phrase link. A terraced house, or a mid link house is one of the similarities which is between others.

An end of terrace, or end of link house is the character which is the last one in the row of houses.

Town House

Usually, the term Town House is used to describe a standard two story terraced house which is more modern. Some Estate Agents will also use this term to describe newer similarities that have three or more floors.

Semi-detached House

A semi-detached house or character is used to describe of pair of houses which are usually attached in the middle. Semi-detached similarities tend to offer their owners front and back gardens, with many also offering excursion way space in more rural areas.

Detached House

A detached character is a solo character with it’s own land which is not adjoined by or to another character in any way. This kind of character is usually more sought after by families who want additional privacy.


A Bungalow is a single story character which can be terraced, semi-detached or detached. Bungalows are often considered to be smaller similarities, which usually have two bedrooms. Big loft spaces are commonly found in bungalows, which allow their owners to transform a second story living space if desired. Bungalow’s tend to continue their value and can be more expensive compared to similarities of similar size.


Flats essentially come in two forms. The first where an existing house has been divided (usually into two separate abodes). The second is a block of flats where there could be many separate flats in one building.

There is some terminology that you need to be aware of, a communal entrance is a main entrance that allows its residents to access their similarities. Communal gardens is a shared garden, which you usually are required to pay a maintenance charge. Flats are often referred to as apartments, particularly in newly built developments.

There are also variations of apartments that you need to be aware of, here are the more commonly found variants.

Duplex Apartment

A Duplex Apartment is an apartment which has more than one floor, usually two. These can be found in converted houses or apartment blocks. Usually these types of flats are found towards the top of the buildings if they are in a block.

Penthouse Apartment

A penthouse apartment is a more luxurious and bigger apartment which is located on the top floor of the building.

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