Air Force jet weaves between skyscrapers in stunt that gave observe ‘9…

A Royal Australian Air Force C-17A Globemaster III cargo plane was flown along the river in Brisbane, Australia in preparation for the city-wide Sunsuper Riverfire air festival on Saturday

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Brisbane: Airforce cargo jet flies low over buildings

A huge cargo aircraft left people on the ground hindered as it weaved in between skyscrapers.

The C-17A Globemaster III cruised over Brisbane in Australia, following the path of the city’s river and wending its way past buildings.

already though the flight, which took place on Thursday as a practice run for the finale of the Brisbane Festival today, was advertised ahead of time, some were left shaken.

NBC senior executive Mike Sington saw the footage on Twitter and said it brought him back to 9/11.

Posting a video, he said: “No, no, no, just no.

“A Royal Australian Air Force jet weaves by the skyscrapers of downtown Brisbane, on purpose.

“It was a rehearsal for an air show, causing immediate flashbacks to 9/11.”

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The C-17 plane appeared to weave by the buildings



A C-17 pilot in the US Air Force told Task & Purpose the spectacle would never have happened in the United States.

“If the crew’s timing is off or if they are slow to react, the jet would collide with a building. Very risky,” the anonymous pilot said.

“Those Brisbane videos are insane. We could never do something like that.”

Others suggested that the flight was not truly as risky as it looks at first, with the angle of the video giving the impression it’s closer to the buildings than it is.

Some said the flight took them back to 9/11



The plane flew across Brisbane’s skyline



Australian reporter Chad Ryan said: “It’s not closest discernible in the angle in this video, but that plane is flying above a river that runs by the city.

“Not weaving in between buildings. Also it was widely publicised before it occurred so people weren’t caught off guard.”

The Australian air force carried out two flypasts, with one at 1,000 feet and the other as low as 300 feet at points.

In a statement, officials said : “Safety, noise management and the ecosystem are vital considerations in the planning and conduct of Defence flying activities.

“Participating squadrons will function with a view to minimising the impact on local communities.

“The health and safety of all personnel participating in this event is paramount.”

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