Are Metal Roofs the Right Choice For Your Home?

Are Metal Roofs the Right Choice For Your Home?

Metal roofs are rapidly gaining popularity and although they have many advantages, they cost almost 30% more than regular asphalt or shingle roofs. Whether metal roofs are the right choice for your home or not depends on various situations and conditions. To better understand this point, it is important to learn about their various features so that you can determine how advantageous these features are for your home.

1. Energy Efficient
Metal roofs, due to their reflective character, mirror most of the sun’s UV rays and consequently help to keep your home cool during hot days of the summer. consequently, it is important to observe that homes located in hot regions assistance most from this thermal efficiency as it can considerably lower electricity bill by allowing homeowners not to run their air conditioning at all times. Homeowners living in cooler regions may not assistance as much from this thermal efficiency

Metal roofs do not have any R-Value (According to Wikipedia: “R-Value is a measure of thermal resistance used in the building and construction industry. The bigger the number, the better the building insulation’s effectiveness”). Another words R-Value is the indication of how much insulation is provided. A good insulation is important as it can keep your home warm during cold winter days. already though metal roofs do not have any R-Value, insulation can be additional so that your home does not loose heat during winter times.

2. Light Weight
One of the advantages of using metal roofs is that almost all forms are light weight, and consequently easily transportable.

3. Fire Resistant
Most insurance companies are happy to hear homeowners use metal roofs (in some situations insurance companies may also lower your premium) due to the fact that these roofs are known to be fire retardant.

4. resist Strong Winds
Metal roofs may also be ideal in areas where there are strong winds or tropical storms. If they are properly installed, they can resist the high winds of tropical storms and are not blown away.

5. Installed Over Existing Roof
Another advantage of using metal roofs is that it can be installed on top of the existing roof, and consequently it is labor efficient. However, it is important to observe that metal roofs need to be painted and polished which may out due some of the said cost savings.

6. Durability
Metal roofs are known for their durability. Where most roofs can last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, It is well known that if proper maintenance is carried out , metal roofs may last any where from 50 to 100 years. Another great advantage of using these roofs is that they do not decay and are not impacted by termites.

Based on your climate conditions and how long you intend to live in your home, you may assistance from using metal roofs. Before deciding on any kind of roofing system, it is wise to check with your local municipality, insurance companies, and tax office to learn about their recommendations in addition as to find out if there is any incentives, rebates, grants, etc for using any particular roofing systems. Some municipalities and insurance companies may lower your taxes and insurance should you decide to use metal roofs.

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