assistance of Pilates for Dancers

assistance of Pilates for Dancers

We all know the demanding training involved in being a dancer. The long hours, sore feet and the strain placed on the body from continuous working of the joints and muscles can take its toll. This continuous strain on the body can be very draining and already cause injury to many dancers. This is why Pilates has always been so basic to the rehabilitation and avoidance of injury.

Pilates emphasis on posture, strength and flexibility have made it a popular workout choice for dancers alike. It’s an excellent exercise routine encompassing a strong focus on upper body strength for better balance, alignment, posture, turns and other points of work. It is also very effective at strengthening body parts – especially ankles and feet, which are basic to dance.

Pilates engages the body making you feel alert and leaving your body and mind in a state of feeling revived and focused. As each movement intricately takes into account each individual muscle group, while also sustaining balance and agility, the structure of Pilates is specific and works every body part.

The reason why dance coaches use and recommend this method of exercise with their dancers is because it improves and restores the dancers muscles and movements adding strength and agility without injury.
The demanding work routines of dancers are very demanding. Pilates works the body while also avoiding injury – which is a shared occurrence with most other traditional strength training methods like weight training or other aerobic activity.

The rhythmic style of dance with sudden movements sometimes interchanged with simple shorter movements can be hard on the body. That is why Pilates and dance are an excellent compliment.
Imagine restoring your body back into shape with an exercise program that rewards you with the grace of a dancer while at the same time toning and building muscle to give your body perfect posture along with muscular definition. Pilates has been the secret exercise program for millions over the years, especially dancers.

Pilates does not only work secluded muscle groups, but it works all the muscle groups helping to restore and rebuild any damaged muscles or soft tissue but also building strength to avoid any further damage – which is a shared occurrence with many dancers.

The physical and mental conditioning of Pilates has made it the shared exercise choice for many dancers. It’s fun, relaxing and improves alertness. But best of all, it’s a great way to bond with fellow dancers and friends alike. No need for heavy equipment with this exercise program.
A simple floor mat and the proper knowledge of the techniques and locaiongs used in Pilates is the perfect formula to restore and strengthen any dancers physique.

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