Audio Conferencing – Web 2.0 Pizzazz Vs Same-Old-Same-Old

Audio Conferencing – Web 2.0 Pizzazz Vs Same-Old-Same-Old

What do you need to know about Web 2.0 audio conferencing? How is it different than your crusty old dial-in number a PIN you’ve been carrying around in your wallet or purse?

Traditional sets without innovation – Audio conferencing has seen little innovation since its emergence in the 1980’s. It started as a part of an AT&T operator call center and you paid $1 per minute per participant. It had basic features and rules stiff. After your allotted time you were cut off. You were charged additional for everything like operator fees, late fees, no-show fees and cancellation fees. Put bluntly, traditional sets were as average as a drill sergeant. After AT&T divestiture in the mid-1980’s “reservation-less” technology emerged to give the emergent Baby Bells basic sets. These technologies are nevertheless with us. The innovation with reservationless was the ability to use the same PIN for multiple calls without having to schedule each call by an operator.

Blends the best of the phone & data worlds – “Web 2.0 audio conferencing” is an emerging industry that describes a new copy of technology that’s breathing new life into a stodgy however much needed business service. Traditional sets, or same-old-same-old conferencing, connected phone wires together. The new sets blend traditional phone technologies with the new copy of web-based technologies, like the i-Phone® and Blackberry® to offer new features and roles that make the user experience more effective… and maybe already more fun, too. Ease-of-use, convenience, more features and higher quality at lower costs are its calling card.

Web 2.0 characterize strength is finally here – This new audio conferencing technology blends the best of the phone and web worlds. For example, say you need to get your work team together right now to manager an emergency. Now you can simply tap your group list and voile! You are all on the phone. No more slogging by the time of action of sending everyone an email, waiting for confirmations, starting the call, waiting for stragglers. Those cumbersome barriers to greater efficiency are removed. Such capabilities were impossible with same-old-same old audio conferencing, but today they’re simple to accomplish and generate powerful results.

Special observe: Web 2.0 audio conferencing and “web conferencing” are not the same. Web conferencing enables the broadcast of a computer screen view, like a PowerPoint slide to participants. Audio conferencing manages the phone connections. Sometimes the two technologies are used together. More often than not however, audio conferencing is used since it doesn’t require everyone to be in front of a computer each time.

To learn more, Google “Web 2.0 audio conferencing”.

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