Bamboo Rug Types

Bamboo Rug Types

While searching for bamboo rugs and other bamboo products, it was enlightening to discover that it is a very eco-friendly product. While functioning as an inside or outside rug, they come in many different sizes: in dimensions of feet. Examples of different sizes are: 2′ x 3′, 2.5′ x 8′, 4′ x 4′, 4′ x 6′, 6′ x 8′. Bamboos found in the Anji Mountains are the finest and most abundant in the world. Using bamboo eliminates the need to cut down trees. This bamboo can also replenish without it needing to be replanted. This beautiful simplistic bamboo rug can compliment a room and can truly give back to the ecosystem.

Bamboo is not only considered a plant but it also the fastest growing plant on earth. Bamboo reaches its peak strength between three to seven years and is best harvested at this time because of its sap sugar level being at its lowest, which lessens the risk of pest infestations and insures the strength of this fast growing plant. Bamboo is not only used as rugs but also has many uses such as: textiles, musical instruments, water processing and already transportation. They are also great for picnics! Another use for bamboo is bedding, combined with cotton, bamboo shows that it is highly versatile and lasting in addition as gives a beautiful effect to any surrounding.

One kind of bamboo rug is an Old World Bamboo rug with an additional Heavy Non-Slip Dotted Felt Backing. This rug adds an earthy, warm tone to a room while giving a neutral balance to any home interior. The sizes vary but a six by nine bamboo rug fits well used as a rug, or if you buy a bamboo rug without the Dotted Felt backing, it can be used as a wall hanging rug also. Other types of these bamboo rugs are called “Noble” and “Paradise. They also come with a non slip Dotted Felt Backing. Sizes for these non slip Dotted Felt Backed rugs can come in an eight by ten to four by six. Although this bamboo is of the highest quality, all bamboo will ultimately fade in color but can be cleaned with mop heads and old fiber used for dusting and cleaning.

Bamboo rugs can also be placed on canvas, making it a rare piece of art for a wall, showing that this great material known as Bamboo is very versatile. Duvets made out of bamboo are incredibly soft to the touch and is called bamboo viscose. already if your thoughts of bamboo would be of it being tough or of a hard wood feel, it is truly very comfortable when used as a Duvet.

Once bamboo is cut, it goes by a course of action called leaching. Leaching consists of the sap being removed from the stalk and then left to dry. This course of action is similar to the way Hemp is processed. Died stalks are then crushed and allow its fibers to be what is called, combed out. Then the combed out bamboo can be used in fiber and yarns. This whole bamboo experience is enlightening on the true benefits of bamboo. It is a very eco friendly product and can be reused or recycled, so it has many uses. already if you recycle, someone else will definitely find a great use for your used bamboo.

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