Baseball Leaders

Baseball Leaders

Baseball leaders in various meaningful categories of our game of baseball should be listed to enhance our focus on our men of summer.

The top of the heap, our already recognized baseball favorites and leaders, are chased by everyone in the game of baseball.

Salary levels of our active players in major league today might rule one to think, holy moly, they are great. Quite to the contrary. We will briefly take a look at the fourteen (14) major categories that defines greatness of achievement.

1.Hits 2.Runs Batted In 3.On-Base Percentage 4.Slugging Percentage 5.Total Bases 6. Home Runs 7. Runs 8. Doubles 9.Strikeouts 10. Saves 11.Stolen Bases 12.Triples 13.Wins 14. Shutouts

Eight (8) categories deal with hitting, four (4) about pitching, and two (2) are in the general category. I will list the all time leader for each category and his numbers then the only active player with a prayer to top him and his numbers.

Spin the record at 33 rpm, 45 rpm or 78 rpm Barry Bonds hitting on the record is right on course at any speed.

Hits: Pete Rose 4,256; Barry Bonds 2,742

Runs Batted In: Hank Aaron 2,297; Barry Bonds 1,853

On-Base Percentage: Ted Williams .482; Barry Bonds .442

Slugging Percentage: Babe Ruth .690; Albert Pujols .621

Total Bases: Hank Aaron 6,856; Barry Bonds 5,584

Home Runs: Hank Aaron 755; Barry Bonds 708

Runs:Rickey Henderson 2,295; Barry Bonds 2,078

Doubles:Tris Speaker 792; Craig Biggio 604

Strike Outs: Nolan Ryan 5,714 Roger Clemons 4,502

Saves: Lee Smith 478; Trevor Hoffman 436

Stolen Bases: Rickey Henderson 1,406; Kenny Lofton 567

Triples: Sam Crawford 312; Steve Finley 112

Wins: Cy Young 511; Roger Clemons 341

Shutouts: Walter Johnson 110; Roger Clemons 46

The gap in any category between the all time leader and his closest chaser in most situations is almost insurmountable except for the exploits of Barry Bonds.

The year 2006 for all functional purposes will go into the annals of baseball history as the year of Barry Bonds. Win Lose or draw on the question of a published book one thing is an absolute, when considering his exploits, six of eight categories is not all bad.

Batter Up—Let’s Play Ball

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