Binaural Beats and Astral Travel

Binaural Beats and Astral Travel

References to Astral travel (or out of body experiences) can be found far back into mankinds history, and have been credited to many possible causes from dreaming to demonic possession, but what really happens when we drift from  our bodies?

More to the point have we truly left our physical body when in this disinctive astral state, or are we merely having a lucid dreaming experience??

Science discounts any possibility of Astral projection being real, and attributes the experience to day dreaming or already signs of mental illness, however a large percentage of the population seem to fall into this state unexpectedly during near sleep (does this prove the dream theory?), during high stress experiences, near death and already on the operating table.

Many regular meditators claim to be able to leave their bodies at will and travel to places both in the physical and Astral plains, and interestingly can also describe events that have taken place in other places in vivid detail.

in spite of of the derogatory response from the scientific community, in 1970 the CIA, working with the Department of Defense allegedly produced their own undercover research program into astral projection with the intention of training operatives to remotely spy on enemy locations and provide intelligence that could not at that time be obtained using any other method.

These methods have since been termed “far away Viewing”, and scarily “far away Influencing”.

There have been numerous articles written on how to reach an Astrally Projected state, most of which do include using meditation techniques, the total stilling of the mind, a mental disconnection from the senses allowing total release from what we consider reality.

To reach these thorough meditative states can take years of practice and for some may seem an unreachable goal as the sound/scent pollutions of the modern world repeatedly interupt your concentration and force you back into the matrix of the real world.

Recently, technologies have been disclosed, that can safely modify the brain wave state, and have become generally obtainable to the public (binaural beats).

It has also been found that using these binaural technologies can help to generate Astral Projection, a Lucid Dreaming State and many more changed states of conciousness before credited to esoteric far Eastern Mystics.

Using professionally produced binaural beats to lower the brain frequency is potentially the fastest way to the Astral Projection experience as you tend to be shielded from the outside sounds that can be responsible for your being unable to meditate to the required state.

Once you have tried Astral Projection using binaural beats whether the experience proves to be real, or just a thorough lucid dreaming sensation, which will be down to you to decide, the truth is you will have seen a part of yourself that you never knew existed and life will never be quite the same again.

Enjoy the experience.

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