Blow Bags

Blow Bags

What is a blow bag? It is basically a heavy duty rubber bladder that attaches to a hose. It is used to clear a clogged drain. It is inserted down a drain and uses water pressure to push by a clog. Blow bags are very successful in clearing clogs that are completely clogged. They are effective in situations when plungers and snakes are not, like on gooey and greasy clogs. The bag resembles a deflated balloon. It fits into a drain pipe. Once the water turns on the bag inflates with water and pushes the clogs out of the pipes and into the sewer or septic tank. In grease clogs snakes fail because the grease allows the snake to pass by the clog without getting rid of the clog. Blow bags blast by the clogs with bursts of pressurized water.

Blow bags come in various sizes in order to fit different pipes. Be sure to select the correct size of the drain you wish to unclog. Attach the bag to a garden hose and attach the hose to the hot water heaters drain valve. The hot water is very effective in dissolving clogs. Do not insert a blow bag into a toilet or a sink drain because the bag will not be able to create enough friction to keep itself in place. It is better to insert the bag directly into the drain pipe. To do this you must remove the P-trap under a sink, or remove the toilet. Do not force the bag in because there may be bends in the pipes and the bag can get stuck. Once the bag is thorough in place, turn the water on and gently turn the hose clockwise while slowly pulling the hose out. Turning the hose counter clockwise can unhinge the bag from the hose leaving you with a greater problem.

When you want to remove the blow bag you must turn off the water. Wait for the bag to deflate and then gently complete the bag out of the pipe. If the bag becomes stuck, slightly turn the bag clockwise. Reattach the section of the pipe you removed earlier, and you should have a clear clog free drain.

Water supply pipes have internal pressure. A drain system is not pressurized. Water flows by the force of gravity alone. The drain can resist pressure, but the only pressure a drain endures is the weight of draining water. When you use a pressurized tool such as a blow bag, you are putting pressure onto the drain pipes. Because of this pipes can burst. When clearing any clog there is always the risk of additional repairs.

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