Book Review For a Perfect Poison

Book Review For a Perfect Poison

As the sixth book in the Arcane Society series, The Perfect Poison was absolutely an engrossing read, and both the action and romance were heart-thumping. The setting is late Victorian England, and main character Lucinda Bromley is in trouble. The reigning mystery is whether Lord Fairborn died due to a heart attack or whether he was murdered. The man on the case, Inspector Spellar seeks out psychic fern expert Lucinda’s help to study the poison found at the site. Lucinda’s visit to the crime scene, however, rocks her to the chief. Lord Fairborn was poisoned, all right, but the poison is none another than a derivative from a scarce fern in her own conservatory. She knows that if she tells the Inspector the truth, she may very well be charged with murder. consequently, she’s determined to find the true killer and bring him to justice.

As background, she is no stranger to being accused of murder. Years ago, she was accused of poisoning her fiancé, and she doesn’t want a repeat performance, so she goes to Caleb Jones and his psychic investigation agency for help. And there, flames spark.

Caleb is a sensible one, so sensible that he might be considered to be on the verge of mental insanity. Once Lucinda and Caleb start working together, Lucinda finds herself already deeper in trouble. Their psychic powers glow when they are with each other, and the chemistry is undeniable. Their allurement grows, and pretty soon, complete desire blooms. But they find themselves wrapped up in however another conspiracy. Caleb soon suspects that the crime involves a secret society, namely the Arcane Society. Knowing how dangerous the Arcane Society is, do they dare interfere? Can they get out of this alive?

I wasn’t surprised with this amazing book, since this is to be expected with Amanda Quick. The Perfect Poison was however another romantic suspense novel of hers that did not disappoint. There is just the right amount of humor injected into their speech, and suspense is abundant. With humorous and fun characters and an engaging storyline, I was truly impressed with her latest book. I found myself unconsciously rooting for both Caleb and Lucinda, and I oohed and ahhed with each heart-stopping event in the story. And there are a lot of them. I would definitely recommend it to people who are into romantic suspense or historical suspense novels, or already people who just want a fun read.

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