Cambridgeshire’s Covid ‘blackspots’ as Omicron variant detected in UK

New Covid safety restrictions are now in place across the UK as the Omicron variant has been detected in the country.

The new variant has about 30 different mutations, double the number of the Delta variant.

The Government safety measures, which went into effect this week, include requiring confront coverings in shops and on public transport. New travel rules include taking a PCR test on day 2, which you can learn more about here.

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Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Covid situations have been worryingly high for some time now as in early November they became Enhanced Response Areas to help officials tackle the rising problem.

The picture has not changed and situations are increasing with some areas being considered ‘blackspots’ due to their high rates.

The most recent government data, which covers the seven days to November 25, shows Huntingdonshire had the highest amount of total situations with 1047 and a rate of 585.0 per 100,000 people.

This is a 30.9 per cent increase from the week prior.

However, South Cambridgeshire continues to have the highest rate at 602.8 with 970 total situations. This is an increase of 11.9 from the week before.

Cambridge, East Cambridgeshire and the Fenlands also saw an increase in their rates from the week before.

Peterborough, however, saw a small decline in rates but situations were nevertheless high with 913 total situations and a rate of 450.6.

Cambridge had a 41.5 increase, the biggest jump in the county.

Which neighbourhoods across Cambridgeshire have the highest Covid rates?

On the government’s interactive coronavirus map, areas are given a colour relating to their level of infection.

The highest category is for areas with rates of 800 and above, which are marked in black.

Across Cambridgeshire, six areas had a local rate above 800 in the most recent data.

Below, we list these Covid ‘blackspots’.

Godmanchester (Huntingdonshire)

Total situations: 72 (+24.1 per cent from past period)

Case rate: 967.5 per 100,000 people

Huntingdon Sapley & Oxmoor (Huntingdonshire)

Total situations: 103 (+5.1 per cent)

Case rate: 1,109.1

The government’s interactive coronavirus map showing Covid ‘blackspots’ in Cambridgeshire

Bar Hill & Boxworth (Cambridge)

Total situations: 44 (+83.3 per cent)

Case rate: 870.9

Fulbourn & Teversham(Cambridge)

Total situations: 82 (+54.7 per cent)

Case rate: 887.2

Longstanton, Swavesey & Oakington (South Cambridgeshire)

Total situations: 80 (+63.3 per cent)

Case rate: 914.9

Stanground (Peterborough)

Total situations: 115 (-20.1 per cent)

Case rate: 966.8

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