Cape Winelands – A Feast For the Eyes and the Spirit

Cape Winelands – A Feast For the Eyes and the Spirit

Cape Town’s Cape Winelands is a must-see place for tourists, not for the wines alone but for the majestic panorama of sweeping vineyards and soft rolling hills. The hues of this wonderful stage change with the time of day, flaunting the vibrancy of character’s palette, crimson and lavender of dusk to the velvety soft hues of thorough starry nights. In the daytime, the startling blue of the skies lends a lovely contrast to the colors of mother earth.

Top Wine Routes

In the western province of South Africa lies the Cape Winelands vicinity. This is only an hour excursion from Cape Town, so there is no excuse why you cannot use a night in the wine-producing vicinity. Cape Town accommodation in this part of the province are varied and cater to the big shots in politics and Hollywood, yuppies, and backpackers who crave a respite from their extreme adventures.

The vicinity produces the world’s best wines, 10 billion liters yearly. The grape wines flood the coffers of the economy and use 300,000 workers. The famous wine-producing places here are Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Franschhoek. But other places like Constantia, Robertson, and Wellington should not be dismissed. These are equally picturesque and produce quality wines–Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc.

Stellenbosch and Franschhoek are the two oldest vineyards with their history dating back to the seventeenth century when the Dutch and the French settled in the area and started growing grapes for wine. The industry grew to become one of the top export earners for the country today.

From July to August, Stellenbosch celebrates the wine festival. This is a big festival attracting hordes of tourists from all over the world. Among the other must-join activities are the mountain biking challenge, trail trekking, and visiting the great vineyards. Just walking the tree-lined avenues can send you to nirvana.

Paarl is another Dutch settlement and the third oldest in Cape Winelands. Other than its vineyards, Paarl offers mountain climbers and bikers the excitement of conquering Paarl Rock or trek the lovely trails in the woods just below the mountain. Just make sure you are loaded with drinking water because the excursion can get you thirsty.

Constantia is another place you must not ignore. Facing the False Bay, and just 20 minutes from the city center, the place is teeming with sights to see and analyze. nevertheless standing and as beautiful as they were first built, stand the manors constructed Dutch style. Picnic under the shade of ancient oak trees in the lawns or have luxurious meals in the numerous restaurants or shop in the center. There is always something for tourists of all inclinations.

Tourists and guest laze around and drop in the estates, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, sip wine, or have a grand tour of the places. It takes a day or two to see all of one place so be ready to camp out in one of those wonderful boutique hotels and guesthouses that provide the same comfort and convenience of Cape Town hotels.

Do not strike out the Cape Winelands in your list when you get to Cape Town or you will miss paradise on earth.

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