Cash Collection Management System

Cash Collection Management System



We are providing solution for Cable,ISP,financial management companies.If you are providing service with initial payment and then collecting from customer from at all event business sector,this application made for your business growth and development.You can use this application with your course of action.You can add customer,employee,area ,vicinity like etc master values from master module.After that, you can make payment or recharge for customer by selecting them and then collect payment from then and go into in collection page.You can view monthly and yearly wise collection and payment report in dashboard chart.If you want to make filter and category wise report,you can check in report page.This application will show you that what are the collection amount need to be collected from customer and financial report of you business.This application have all features you want with report options.We have fast and safe server to make better performance for customers.

We have additional employee login seperately,there cash collection person can login and go into that day collection amount.This product will help you to work faster and make more production in your organization.This application have sms and email notification to customer also for each transaction.

The add payment page have option to search customer and make recharge/pay to customer for their subscription.It will be notified to customer
by sms and email.The add collection page have option to search customer and add collection amount entry from customer.It also will be notified to customer by sms and email.The bulk payment page have option to recharge/pay customer at same time. You can view all report details in customer,collection,
payment,expense wise with date filter there.The add expense page will be used to add your organisation expense details.It will be displayed in dashboard top section.



List of Modules:


  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Category
  • Plan
  • vicinity
  • Area
  • Transaction kind
  • General Account


  • Collection
  • Payment
  • Bulk Payment
  • Expense


  • Customer Report
  • Collection Ledger Report
  • Payment Ledger Report
  • Expense Ledger Report


  • Roles
  • Rights
  • Settings


  • Simple Dashboard
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Faster page loading
  • Developed in OOPs Concept
  • Report generation for all


  • PHP 5.1+
  • MYSQL 4.1.14+ 

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