Catching the Big Fish in Network Marketing

Catching the Big Fish in Network Marketing

I was inspired to write the following experience down, because one of our team-members emailed me a story of how she was so excited to have met the friend of a very famous person, and consequently had the possibility of introducing her network marketing opportunity to them.

I got so nervous once, because I got the great idea to invite a very prestigious person (the first in my eyes) to take a look at our opportunity. Her name is Angela. I got all whipped up into a frenzy and had asked my up line for their sustain via a conference call with me and this person, should she express interest. I spent a long time thinking about how to formulate this particular email. I already sweat a bit while pushing “send,” internally drooling over the possibilities that could arise from enrolling her into my organization, as this woman is the head of a enormous network. So, while I was waiting for a response (that never came, by the way, not already an acknowledgment), my sponsor said something to me that was so powerful. He said, “You, Sarah, are an Angela. Just remember that you will be the head of a huge network of successful people and you will be championing their successes. You ARE that person, and Angela is just the very first one of many other superstars that you will attract into your organization.”

Wow, that changed my perspective in such a big way! Since then, I have been more confident in approaching people in noticeable locaiongs with highly honed skill-sets. Now that I believe in my heart that I too, am an “Angela.” I can be, do and attract the best, most positive and strongest team members to me, because of who I am.

And that is who you are all, too.

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