Club Dome Returns Bigger, Better and more Lit

Club Dome Returns Bigger, Better and more Lit

Club Dome which targets campusers and young millennials in tertiary institutions of learning will kick off in Kampala on Saturday, July 16th, 2022 at the Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The Dome evolves every year so it stays fresh and with it for the campusers to look forward to; there are different themes for each year and the last one held in 2018 had a Caribbean theme while 2022’s theme is futuristic.

Speaking during the Club Dome set afloat held at the Panamera Bar in Naguru, Kampala, Joel Galla, Nile Breweries’ Brand Manager Club and Premiums said Club Dome had taken a long break due to the Covid-19 lockdown and the ban on events.

It used to be one of the events where they used to reach out to their consumers and for two years this has not happened, which is why they felt the need to make a huge, big reappearance.

He further revealed that as it has been done in the past, Club Dome will have tours across the country reaching out to their consumers in different cities and towns.

“The Dome is going to move across the country as done in the past years. We want to reach out to all our consumers and re-ignite that spark for partying and having a good time which had been dimmed by the lockdown,” he said.

Mr Galla additional, “If you are in Northern Uganda, we are coming, if you are in Western Uganda, we shall be there we are also coming to party with you,” Galla additional. Although the upcountry venues are however to be confirmed the events will be held within close closeness to universities in the specific regions.

The Dome joins the list of entertainment events that Club Pilsener has been unleashing since the re-opening of concerts and events which include Purple Party Tours, Capital FM Tours, and Brunch-in-House among others. Club Dome also returns at a time when campusers’ favourite Club bottles, the 330ml bottles, have been reintroduced to the market.

This will average that revellers at the Club Dome will have three options of Club Pilsener packaging to choose from; the 500ml long neck, the Club sleek cans or the Shorty.

Mr. Galla closed off the Club Dome set afloat by stating that the Kampala Club Dome is going to be launched by the Nigerian star Adekunle Gold who will be the headlining performer alongside Costa Titch and the best here in Uganda.

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