Conference Call Transcriptions Can Be Laborious

Conference Call Transcriptions Can Be Laborious

Conference call transcriptions require a greater effort than other transcription processes. The audio recordings are not always of the highest standard, since participants use the telephone for conferencing and not all of the speaker would be using a fixed line telephone, some may be using the cell phone others a VOIP application such as the Skype.

It becomes a challenging task for a transcriber to document the recordings of a conference call, multiple speakers and difficult-to-comprehend accents can all add to the transcribers woes. Many transcription companies use an audio player that has a graphic equalizer and instead of the headphones use the speakers, it helps in deciphering the accents of different speakers in a conference call.

It would be in the best interest of the companies that begin conference calls to ensure that only fixed line telephones are used. If it is a web conference then a high-speed internet will render quality recordings, making the responsibilities of the transcriber easy and making it possible for him/her to provide you with a 100% accurate transcript.

The conference call transcription requires specialist transcribers who are patient, skilled, and experienced.

Conference calls Transcription company should include other transcriptions such as:

* business meetings

* sales presentations

* project meetings and updates

* training classes

* regular team meetings

* communications with employees who work in different locations

Transcription of the call must be a brisk turn-around-time, should permit all investors get a copy of the quarterly earnings in quick series time and provide accurate quality of the business transcripts

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