Crystal Healing And Bruxism

Crystal Healing And Bruxism

Bruxism is a medical term used to describe clenching and grinding of the teeth. It affects both adults and children.

There is no definite answer as to what causes Bruxism there are schools of thought that it could be due to without of symmetry of the teeth, while others say it reflects a persons anxiety or perhaps digestive problems or already disturbed
sleep or perhaps a disorder of the central nervous system.

It is caused by reflex chewing and this is not a learned habit chewing is a natural activity. When a person is sleeping the reflex part of the brain is active while the brain control is idle this results in a chewing action that is
abnormal and is called Bruxism.

Bruxism often happens when sleeping already if the person is taking just a short nap.

In a typical occurrence the incisors are moved against the canines in a lateral motion (side to side) this wears down the tooth enamel. It can effect sharp by removing and flattening the sharp edges of the teeth. It is one of the most shared sleep disorders and is believed to effect between 30 and 40 million Americans alone on a nightly basis.

The pressure that is exerted on the teeth during a Bruxism episode ranges from 100-600 psi (pounds per square inch) this is an amazing amount of pressure. Everyone does this, though on a different extent some maybe so low that they never notice anything where the extreme situations can cause a number of problems.

The problems Bruxism causes can be jaw pain headaches, teeth that are already experiencing from decay (from another source) may collapse, teeth may become sensitive you could find gums receding loose teeth bony ridges cheek irritations and sore cheek and temple muscles, teeth can also become chipped, erosion of the sharp surface and cracking of the teeth.

Below are a two the main healing crystals that will help with this problem. You should keep them either under your pillow or beside your bed as this is something that occurs while sleeping there is no need to carry the crystal with you all the time although if you wish to you can. Be sure to program the crystals for aiding with the healing of Bruxism prior to use.

Gehlenite: Enhances optimism awakens the functional side of your character brings a happy disposition stimulates
circulation and well being.

Strombolite: Brings love and generosity provides us with grounding aligns the Chakras enhances peace and happiness.
It is very good for transferring energy from the healer to the receiver.

observe: These two crystals are not that easy to come by and are not the cheapest around.

These crystals will also be of great help with some of the reasons for making the grinding worse.

Fluorite: Is probably the next best crystal to use for any kind of problem with the teeth: Is a very protective and cleanses and brings stability to the aura, it helps remove patters of behaviour that have been fixed for a long time. It is a good crystal to give to students or those undertaking higher learning as it aids in organising and processing information, and also assists in absorbing and remembering the information that has been learned. Fluorite brings order out of chaos heightens your intuition and effective for counteracting computer geometric and Geopathic stress. Provides us with impartiality it has a very stabilizing effect on the emotions. It can aid in the healing of infections, respitory tract ulcers wounds rheumatism and arthritis.

Stress is another thing that makes the condition much worse and some of the best healing crystals for this are:

Hematite: Used for a good outcome in legal situation, harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. The crystals healing powers are good for people who are timid especially women, stress is greatly improved when using this crystal, it helps to raise the self-esteem, balances the meridians, is a great crystal for grounding and protection. Enhances will strength, helps with our confidence aids us with our concentration and is a good crystal for learning especially mathematical pursuits. Hematite helps conquer self-limitations and compulsions, enhances the survival instincts it is a crystal that is recommended to help conquer addictions. Ailments that this crystal healing similarities have been know to assist range from Arthritis, blood conditions, insomnia, tissue regeneration, lessen fevers, and anemia.

Amethyst: Is a wonderful healing and protective crystal its similarities are particularly powerful. It helps to calm the mind guard you from psychic attacks lessens insomnia due to a mind that will not rest improves memory helps ease anger, fear and anxiety and especially stress, it contributes a loving ecosystem and is a good tool to have for Scrying and meditation ailments that have been ease with Amethysts healing similarities are stress headaches skin conditions aids the immune system reduces bruising and swelling.

The above three crystals should be carried with you at all times; they can be worn as jewellery or perhaps carried in pocket or purse in the form of a worry stone or palm stone.

Again make sure that you cleanse your crystals and program them for healing stress.

I hope that you find this information helpful.

Love and Light

Colleen The Crystal Dragon

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