Deeper Life: Kudos for Police in Ogun State Over Isit of Dolapo Osinbajo’s Wife

Deeper Life: Kudos for Police in Ogun State Over Isit of Dolapo Osinbajo’s Wife

All over the world, it is the business of the police to protect the lives and similarities of the people and also tackle criminalities at various levels.

consequently, the estimated 780 serving police officers, working round the clock to tackle criminalities at various levels in Nigeria, with a population of 200 million people, know this too well.

Some corrupt officers may pretend not to know this. But, they have no option than to wage total war against criminals, if they are to retain their jobs.

I am not a public relations officer for the police in Nigeria. I am only a journalist covering security and other beats. So, I am a story teller. Some people call us all sorts of names, but it is okay by me.

Why this long story? Well, the Sango Ota police command, presently under the command of Monday Akponikan, an assistant commissioner of police, did a good job when the wife of the Nigerian vice-president, Pastor (Mrs) Dolapo Osinbajo, visited Deeper Life Bible Church, located at Vesper bus-stop in Ifo, Ogun state, south-west Nigeria.

The church is located along the along Lagos-Abeokuta expressway in Ifo of the state.

Her mission there was to declare total prayer war on poverty and empower the women, men and children to breakout from generational curses and other laminating challenges.

As earlier reported by this writer, the event was the annual women conference for 2019, packaged by the state chapter of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, (PFN).

Speaking for close to three hours on ‘The Virtuous Woman’, the No 2 lady in Nigeria, who is the grand-daughter of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, told over 5000 participants at the conference, that the devil has lost the battle to perpetually keep majority of Nigerians in perpetual poverty.

She is declaring this war as there are economic indices that Nigeria is slowly and surely getting out of the anti-poverty trap.

Incidentally, her husband, Professor Yemi Osinbajo is at the head of the economic recovery team in the country.

clearly a gifted orator, a preacher-woman and a house-wife, she presided over the reign of abuses poured on Satan, devil, general curses, enemies, real or imaginary, witches and wizards for inflicting pains on Nigeria and Nigerians.

With biblical back-up from Proverb 31, Psalm 18: 16-18, John 15, Corinthians 2, she admonished the participants to first seek the kingdom of heaven and wealth, peace, happiness, protection, long life and others good things could be additional onto them.

Dolapo earned an award for charity to humanity, which was presented by Apostle David Otairi, chairman, Ogun state chapter of PFN.

Yes, it is their duty to protect the lives and similarities of the residents of Ifo, before, during and after the visit of Dolapo.

But, this writer, observed that Monday Agbonikan, police area commander for Sango Ota police command and Agwoye. J.A. the divisional police officer for Ifo Police stop, were specialized, firm and however very, very friendly during the visit of the wife of our beloved vice-president.

This writer was on ground and with all honesty, there were more than 20 uniform police officers stationed near the entrance of the church, while other officers and DSS operatives and private security guards were everywhere around the area, noted as restive.

There was not accidental release, no single soul or motorist was injured or molested, area boys around the bus-stop were placed on red alert, as this writer observed that undercover police officers and DSS operatives mingled with them.

If there was any causality, this writer, who is not on the payroll of the police in Nigeria, will report.

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