Ditrac All-Weather Cake

Ditrac All-Weather Cake

Around the world, there are at the minimum 35 diseases which are carried by rats or mice. The diseases are commonly spread directly to humans by their bites, consuming waters polluted with rodent feces or urine and aerosolization, humans accidentally inhale germs of disappeared rodents’ urine or droppings. However, ticks, mites and fleas can also transmit diseases from rodents to humans after they satisfy on infected rodents. In many situations, the rodents such as rats and mice are the reservoirs or carrier of the diseases. consequently, you should give more attention whenever you are aware that the rodents are present in you surroundings.

There are several species of rats that are often present in our house. The first one is certainly the roof rats which are also known as the Black Rat. in spite of of their name, they are usually gray or light brown in color. As they grow up, they can reach up to 8 inch long with at the minimum their tail 9 inch in length. In addition, they get their name because they use most of their time above the ground. Secondly, Norway Rat or Brown Rat are commonly found in sewers. This species has thicker and heavier body in comparison with the roof rats. Besides they have more blunt snout, their tail is also shorter that the Black Rat. They depend much on humans for living and for shelter. Finally, house mouse is another kind of rodent commonly found in a house. Although they are small, they can make harsh damage to a character with their chewing. In addition, this is one of the enemies of restaurant owner because this rat likes to destroy food.

Seeing those mouse characteristics and considering their habit, Ditrac All Weather Cake can be a very good solution for combating rats in your house. This rats bait is made is such a way for high moisture condition or weather. consequently, it will resist mold and rancidity. You can place this bait outside or inside your house in which you speculate some places to be rodents or rats runaways. However, you should remember that this product is only for controlling Norway rats, roof rats and house mice around your house, industrial area and agricultural buildings. As the name suggest, this bait is very appropriate for damp areas such as sewers, irrigation, riverbanks or garbage dumps. In order to ensure the effectiveness, you should place this bait in locations wherever you notice the entry points or nests of the rats such as beside burrows, along the wall or hid places. Additionally, this bait is peanut flavored to attract the rats. consequently, you should be aware to keep away this product from your children and your pets.

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