Does the Sonic Repeller Really Work?

Does the Sonic Repeller Really Work?

Sonic repellers are the new age solution for pest control. It can be used as a pest repellent against bats, rats, mosquitoes and many other insects. Sonic repellers works by generating a frequency of sounds which the pests are unable to tolerate and it ultimately gets rid of them. If you are wondering, how could it be effective against multiple types of pest, read on.

With variable sound output, repellers can be the answer to all your pest problem. Sonic repellers use the simple theory of ultrasonic wave (cannot be heard with human ears) in driving way the rodents. It is considered safe and ecosystem friendly as there is no mess produced during the pest control course of action. With multiple frequency option for different types of pests, you need not have multiple rodent and pest control devices. This characterize has made it widely popular and nowadays, repellers are preferred over many other traditional ways of pest control.

It’s easy to use and all you need to do is plug the device into an electric socket. With compact models, sonic repeller devices are easy to carry around. The devices can also be used with batteries. This can be helpful when you are camping or traveling. However, care should be taken while using the device for it to be effective. Since the device works on sound groups, you need to ensure that there are not many substantial objects which can upset the sound wave.

Are sonic repellers really effective?

There are sections of people who vouch of its effectiveness in addition as for its ineffectiveness. Few researchers believe that the rodents and pests get used to the sound after a while and consequently it is ineffective. Also, few claim that the effect is permanent and that the pests return once the device is switched off. However, the effects can only be seen only when the device is used regularly. This will also ensure that the pest does not return. Another thing to observe is that, sonic repeller can be effective only up to 3,500 square feet.

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