Drunk Man Reported Missing Joins Search Party For Himself

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Man using binoculars in a forest

A Turkish man ended up joining a search party looking for a missing person without realising that he was the person everyone was searching for.

Beyhan Mutlu, aged 52, went out drinking with a friend in a forest in northeast Turkey on Tuesday.

When he did not return home, his wife reported him missing to the authorities – she had heard he had walked away from his friend, drunk, during their night out.

Gendarmerie, a military force, and rescue teams came together to search for Mutlu, unaware he had fallen asleep in a house in the forest.

According to Turkish online news website T24 on Friday, Mutlu then found the search party in the morning and decided to assist in the search.

He only realised he was the centre of the search when the rescue teams started calling his name.

He told T24: “After a while, they said they were looking for Beyhan Mutlu.

“I broke into a cold sweat when I heard my name.

“I told them I was Beyhan Mutlu, but they continued to search. They didn’t believe me.

“The truth came out when my friend Mesut saw me.”

Mutlu was reportedly part of the search and rescue party for more than half an hour. 

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