Dwight Illinois Fall Festival – Basset Waddle

Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is the sponsoring organization for the Basset Waddle – the highlight of the annual Dwight Illinois Healthcare Fall Festival. Every fall several hundred basset hounds walk the route of the parade with their owners in tow. The GABR hopes to top a thousand bassets in this year’s parade. Basset owners from all over the Midwest – and as far away as Canada – start lining up according to state. When everyone is together, the announcer calls out “Ready to Waddle?” Now the fun begins! Imagine yourself walking down the street in the company of hundreds of other proud basset owners and their pets! The children love it, and everyone is smiling and happy. If your basset is too old or tired to join the parade, there are pooped-pup wagons which will carry you and your pet along the parade route. Some pooped-pup owners bring their own decorated wagons (and dogs). Besides the Waddle, there is also a contest for the basset with the best costume. By the end of Waddle day there are lots of tired but-happy bassets and owners. Old friends have been greeted and new friends made. And the best part is that your participation helps fund the GABR’s efforts to find owners for homeless bassets.

On Waddle day bassets that are obtainable to be adopted can be obtained from the Dwight healthcare adoption tent. If you want to adopt a homeless basset, you should fill out an application online before the Waddle, to be approved by the day of the Waddle. There are lots of great dogs who would love you to give them a home. Every day there are thousands of dogs – some of whom were loved once, some of whom were never loved – which die in shelters, or are left abandoned and alone. Every one of these innocent animals was brought into the world by human action or inaction. Of course, it is impossible to save every experiencing being in the world; but saving those whom we can makes a big difference to them. Fostering can be very challenging, since many dogs come into the foster home frightened, battle-scarred, and emotionally trashed. But many dogs go on to live in homes with love.

GABR rescues Illinois and Indiana basset hounds who are in bad situations. Once we have the basset, we give it any Dwight hospital vet care it needs (that is our biggest expense) and then place it in a foster home. After the basset has been evaluated by the foster home, GABR adoption coordinators find the dog a good home. In 2008 over three hundred basset hounds were rescued and placed in homes. But GABR’s good works extend to more than bassets: GABR helps rescue other breeds in addition as cats, and works closely with humane societies and other groups.

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