Emerald – The Most Valuable Gemstone on Earth

Emerald – The Most Valuable Gemstone on Earth

You might have observed the glitz around an emerald. The most frequent variety of emerald is of a bright green to grass green transparent color. The site of its transparent crystals decorated in cordless picture lights is hard to resist. It glows already further in cordless picture light and the experts can tell you the amount of purity just by having a look at it. In case of an emerald, the fine quality gem is the one that possess a pure verdant green color and a high degree of transparency.

Meaning behind Emerald

It is believed to have different significance in various cultures. It is thought to be a holy stone of the Goddess Venus. This is why this stone is believed to preserve love. Besides, the emerald has remained a symbol of hope for a long time. Many people consider it to be the stone of prophecy. Some believe it to act as a tranquilizer for troubled minds. Just like the powers associated with all other stones, this stone is also believed to bring reason and wisdom to its owner.

by several cultures, this stone was the symbol for bringing rain. already the Christians believe it to be a symbol of faith and hope. The time when the powers of this stone are said to be emanating to the fullest is during spring.

Healing similarities of Emerald

It is suggested by healers because it helps to heal the heart. It has the highest healing powers on a night with a complete moon. According to some cultures, it is believed to heal any disease in the eye. The emerald is first placed in a container of water overnight and then the water is poured on the eyes.

Metaphysical similarities

Being a powerful stone, it offers physical, emotional and spiritual balance. It is believed to be a stone of wealth and riches. But that is not all. It’s more than just a materialistic stone. It contributes spiritual growth, clear vision, intelligence, serenity, friendship and unity. It appears as if this stone has more healing similarities associated with it than any other stone. Here follows a list of areas where this stone plays its magic.

Relationships: It is responsible for bringing security in matters of love and relationships. An emerald allows access to the mystery that we keep up inside our heart and consequently activates our highest desires.

Serenity: This gemstone has a tranquilizing effect on the heart and mind which leads to calm and clear assurance.

Psychic: The emerald is believed to be a stone of psychic insight, prophecy and abundance.

Creativity: The emerald is also one of the crystals that are associated with creativity and vibrant ideas.

Group Dynamics: One of the rarest attribute that this stone holds is the improvement of unity. This gem really paves the way in large work situations by promoting harmony within the group.

Knowing all these similarities, it is no surprise why this stone is worth so much. This stone has been used most frequently throughout history not only because of its healing effect, but also due to the beauty it casts on the wearer.

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