FatCow Web great number Review

FatCow Web great number Review

Don’t be fooled by the name because FatCow web hosting does more than keep up it’s own. It is the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. Fat Cow is one of the best, most versatile web hosts out there today. When it all comes down to hosting platforms, the Cow has a knack for delivering. FatCow was born in 1998 and from the get go was designed to be an different and affordable hosting platform design geared at cutting by all of the technical babble to make things a lot easier for its users to understand and function. It offers one of the best hosting plans out there. It is reliable and exceptionally user friendly with an excellent customer service group. FatCow has everything that a small or medium business website needs to succeed. When it comes down to delivering quality plans and plenty of servicable features, you can’t do much better than FatCow. Of all the hosting plans we evaluated, this very competent group displays a culture that brought us to chuckle and ask, “Why didn’t we think of this!”


If the name of the game is reliability, then we have to declare FatCow as one of the finalists. Their data center is located in Burlington, Massachusetts and comes fully equipped with top of the line features. They pride themselves of employing a “Load-Balanced Hosting” solution that will stop any technical failures. FatCow is backed by over 800 servers. When using this system your site will literally have numerous paths to its destination. FatCow also provides physical security and surveillance systems. Impressively, they offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not pleased with their service. When it comes to reliable web hosting, FatCow reigns supreme.


At the time of this review, FatCow was offering the Original Fat Cow Plan for $44 a year. That comes out to be $3.66/month. Not to bad considering GoDaddy charges anywhere from $10.00 to $15.00/month. If you have concerns as to whether you are getting enough bang for your buck, worry no more. Our webmasters at Web great number Mentor were highly complimentary of the FatCow value proposition. Fat Cow allows you to have unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited POP mailboxes, and customize email address. They are WordPress, phpBB and Joomla friendly. They have point and click site building tools, integrated Google Webmaster tools, application installation wizards, and many other goodies. They also have a bundle of freebies that include $75 of free search engine ad credits and $50 of free social networking ad credits.

Control Panel

FatCow has adopted the H-Sphere. It is just as easy to use as C-Panel which is nearly used by every other web great number. It has an icon based interface that already the most novice of webmasters would be able to use. The thing that really moves the H-Sphere away from the competition are features like the real time e-mail management and the directory and multiple domain management.

Customer sustain

When it comes to customer sustain, I have to say that this group is nearly obsessed to ensure your needs are addressed. Its is part of their business form. Their technology platform is clearly competent, but they wish to be known for delivering industry leading value and customer service. When working with the internet and websites, problems will ultimately happen and you had better hope that your web great number can solve that problem as soon as possible. These guys stand by their “Heifercratic Oath” in which they live and breathe. They potential to answer your call in under two minutes and continue a pleasant and friendly disposition to any of your queries.

And by golly, when we tested the oath, they delivered. The Moo Crew, as they are called, receives important training and are extremely focused on helping you with your question. They aim to please and if not, they offer a credit equal to one month of hosting. In our view, this is taking live phone sustain to another level. They also offer a chat and email sustain system. Their phone and email sustain are open 24/7. However, the really good thing about FatCow is that there is a chance you can solve your problem without ever having to talk to their customer sustain team. Simply search by the various FAQ’s, tutorials or in any case additional resources that they provide.


– Unlimited disk space

– Unlimited bandwidth

– Unlimited POP mailboxes

– Free domain names

– Free script barn

– Free we

– Daily server backups

– WordPress friendly

– Joomla friendly

– $75 of free search engine ad credits

– $50 of free social networking ad credits

– 24/7 customer sustain

– 30 day money back guarantee

– Free setup


FatCow’s strength is their varied. It is in this varied we discover great site tools, a novel control panel, noticeable customer service and an attractive value proposition. That is why FatCow made our top list. Their overall hosting platform features would really suit all levels of webmasters and small and personal business websites. They have excellent customer service and a reliable foundation which all adds up to an noticeable web great number. FatCow is very good at finding the right fit for each an every customer. If you need a great number that seeks to understand your needs then you best take a hard look at FatCow. Feel free to click on the link below to discover more about how this great number may fit your style.

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