Good Plumbers – A scarce copy

Why do we now have plumbers divided into two categories? Plumbers and then good plumbers? Well in my experience it all boils down to this: did they cause a leak or fix a leak?!

I recently had a new bathroom installed by a ” plumber” not a “good plumber”. All was going well until I went to use the bath for the first time. I slipped down into my new bath of bubbles ready to relax. The taps were not running. But I could suddenly hear water running from underneath me!

As the bathroom wasn’t in addition finished there wasn’t a bath panel on so I jumped up & looked under the bath. Water was running down from what looked like the tap pipes! I called my plumber closest. It was Friday tea time and he said he was busy! But I now had water pouring into my kitchen from the ceiling. Aaaaah! What to do?!

My friend had her bathroom done recently in addition so I called her for his number. He was having his dinner with his family but was round to my house within half an hour. He spotted the problem closest. The overflow wasn’t connected so the water literally was flowing by the overflow hole and under my bath not down the correct pipe that wasn’t already attached!

It was fixed in minutes by a “good plumber” who came to my rescue because he was working at my friend’s house before and recognised my emergency. Unlike the other “plumber”! My bathroom was then completed without any more distress and any problems were resolved closest because he tested everything he did before leaving my house.

I now lay content and happy in my bubbles safe in the knowledge that me and my kitchen ceiling are safe! But the morale of the story is, if someone recommends a guy by saying he is a “good plumber” it is because he is a fixer of leaks not a leak creator. He has pride in his work and will check everything he has touched before leaving you to fill your bubble bath!

If you require plumbing work in your home, whether as a complete bathroom or kitchen re-fit or just simply fixing a leak then see if any family or friends can recommend anyone. information of mouth and recommendations by other people is by far the best way to find a decent plumber!

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