Gourmet Food Tour Going Electric

I am not sure what gave me this idea, I guess seeing my favorite bridge in Sydney turned into a car park every morning made me look for different methods of transport, and reading about electric bikes, it nearly jumped out of the page as a possible solution to my transport serious situation.

Meanwhile, my food addiction is another matter thoroughly. In a world that gets more complicate every time you blink, great tasting food presents an irresistible simplicity. What could possibly competitor the pleasures spawned by some small bit of food stuff that is noticeably divine that you essentially experience your complete existence flash before your eyes occurrences. The total sum of everything pleasurable you had experienced in your life, distilled in this bitesize of matter you had just ingested…This, my friend is what it method to be a foodie.

So it was only a matter of time that the idea of a gourmet food tour on electric bikes would present itself. I figured (ultimately), that if there’s anything better than great food from fine food establishments, it would be the ability to effortlessly move around a series of fine food establishments, and enjoy an assortment of tasty foods. Adding to that all the scenery you experience almost inadvertently along the way. A gentle whisper of contentment spreads by your psyche like a ripples by a pond, telling you that, at last, the world is a great place.

I arrive early, the clouds the night before had threatened to interfere with my plans, but had since dissolved away. The bikes are all set, like a tango line of dance, they stand proud in a single file, ready to take the group on a trip they will remember for many years to come. “Always switch it off before dismounting, otherwise it turns demonic” I warn the group. No doubt someone will forget. An evil part of me smiles at the thought of seeing that person doing the indescribable dance with the e-bike because they neglected my advise.

We set off, we ride by Bicentennial Park, the group are enjoying this iron horse of a machine, it hums along lightly. It feels like you are levitating…It’s a nice feeling that will always put a smile on your confront.

We arrive at the Sydney Coffee Center. Paolo enlightens us about the world of coffee, while we enjoy a strong cup of coffee fashioned by one of his protégé coffee baristas. The coffee is so good, that all the information about it relayed by Paolo infuses into your mind like water in a sponge.

We ride along to our next stop, Pasticceria Tamborino, a magnificent Italian pastry shop. The glass characterize brimming with finely crafted assortment of cakes and other manners of sugary delights. It is the kind of place you would want to imagine heaven to be like.

Our next stop is only a short walk away. The shop front of the Rainerri deli appears rather unassuming. But once your eyes have spotted the numerous enormous wheels of cheese, the plethora of prosciuttos, hams, the olives, the roasted eggplants and the like, you know you will leave this place a happier person. Giuseppi’s passion and knowledge seem to add additional flavour to the food he serves us. He whips up a simple, delicious pasta while devour the great selection of delis he put before us.

It’s time to ride back. I take the group by another route. This part of Haberfield you would never come across except on a bicycle. A little downhill alleyway, barely 2 meters wide. thoroughly surrounded by trees, that you feel you are flowing by a green tunnel.

Life was meant to be sublime, and your journey enjoyable.

Food is Love.

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