Green Electricity – Electricity Cost on the Rise

Green Electricity – Electricity Cost on the Rise

It doesn’t take one long to realize that electricity cost is on the rise, all you have to do is open up your recent utility bill. The cost of living has gone up exponentially the last associate of years and however wages have stayed the same. The cost of electricity has motivated some to switch to green electricity.

Why are electricity costs rising?

It may seem strange but energy utilities are affected by the outrageous cost of fossil fuels. The need for electricity has been drastically increasing already with energy efficient appliances on the market, some strength grids are finding it hard to keep up with the energy needs.

We are an electricity needed society without it we could not go about our daily lives. Look what happened during the 2003 blackout, our society can NOT function with out electricity.

What do we do?

Green electricity or replaceable energy is hitting the news on a continued basis. With our ecosystem in such a fragile state and our demands for fossil fuels climbing, is green electricity our answer?

Exploring the green option for electricity seems to be our only option. There are many forms of replaceable energy that we can use, the basics being:

o Solar strength energy – photovoltaic modules use solar cells to transform sun light into electricity

o Wind strength energy- wind turbines transform the kinetic energy found in wind into mechanical energy

Both of these supplies are clean, replaceable and free. Our governments say they are on board with replaceable energy however they are nevertheless fighting wars to acquire the right to use fossil fuels.

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