Green Pest Control – Is it Possible to Have Effective Pest Control That’s Green?

Green Pest Control – Is it Possible to Have Effective Pest Control That’s Green?

Pest control is typically thought of as poisonous, invasive chemicals that poison and kill pests to keep them away from the home. Many of these are quite effective but also poisonous and unhealthy to plants, pets, and people.

If you want to be more ‘green’ with pest control, you have to focus on organic pest control methods which is the closest thing to green pest control there is. Getting rid of pests without using petroleum products or products that will get into soil and into the water supply is the goal to this course of action.

Being completely comprehensive in one post is nearly impossible but these are areas to consider that are natural and organic ways of doing pest control.

Natural Insect Repellents – There are many natural substances that aren’t unhealthy to the ecosystem that are useful at repelling insects and pests. Some examples are peppermint oil or chili peppers. There are a wide variety of pests who do not like this and repelled by it. If you have a certain pest problem, search for it’s natural repellent. Many times this can also be the scent of a predator they are afraid of.

advantageous Insects – advantageous insects satisfy on the pests while not truly harming the garden themselves. These insects will take care of in any case pests are eating your garden plants. It’s a very natural method since this is how these pests are deleted and controlled in character.

Trap and Release – If you have larger pests in the yard, trap and release is a good method. No poisonous chemicals have to be used. The pest isn’t hurt either.

Birds – The more birds that are in the yard the more they will eat pests. Get yard items that attract birds like bird feeders to keep them around your home.

Inside the home methods.

Cleanliness – Many pests are in the home because of some sort of food fragment being obtainable. Keeping clean can reduce this supply.

Traps – There are traps that catch the pest without being poisonous at all.

The drawback to green pest control are effective methods against pests like termites who can get out of control and damage a home severely.

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