GreenGeeks Customer Review

GreenGeeks Customer Review

GreenGeeks Review

Here you are, this is my GreenGeeks Review.

GreenGeeks is a comparatively newly established web hosting provider, and in spite of of it they has become a leader in green hosting. The great success of the company is chiefly due to its higher standards and always optimized service, in addition as the true consumption of replaceable energy. This is not surprising for me at all, and by the time you finish reading my review, you will have a pretty good idea why.

GreenGeeks Plan Price – 12 months plan: $5.95/mo – 24 months plan: $4.95/mo

What’s good about GreenGeeks?

Green Hosting with loads of great features

Their service is a fit for small businesses and for personal sites in addition. GreenGeeks provides the top-quality features and solutions to make sure, that the quality of webhosting is high.
GreenGeeks – similarly to virtually all of the large hosting providers – provides its customers a complete webhosting solution with all the necessary tools and capabilities, like easy setup with Fantastico, and unlimited resources (bandwidth, disk storage).

Hosting Features
Free Domain Name: NoFree Site Builder: YesSSI: YesFrontpage Extensions: Yes
300% Green Web Hosting

When you great number at GreenGeeks, you can have a web site wich is 300% green. That’s right, not 100 or 200, it’s 300%!
So what’s that 300%? Well, the company substitutes the energy use of their machines with three times as much eco-friendly wind strength. I was doubting about all these green accomplishments in the beginning I I had the chance to take a look at a certification, I determined that the Green Geeks just bought more than 2 million MW of clean, green energy.
Considering that, there is little doubt GreenGeeks would be probably the most eco-friendly hosting on the planet.

Very reliable web hosting with daily backups

Another thing I like about GreenGeeks is the safety I get when hosting with them. According to the GreenGeeks officials, the infrastructure is built on Intel Dual Quad chief servers. Additionally, they do daily backups.

For webmasters, reliablility is one fo the most important things to cosnider, and that is the reason I believe GreenGeeks can be fitting for various purposes.

What are the disadvantages of Green Geeks?

They are new: they don’t have much business experience.

Bottom line is this company is a very substantial hosting provider, my only worry is they are young. The company is quite fresh, so I believe there are probably small issue/problems with the service as they pursuing perfection.

GreenGeeks Review

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