Havant and Emsworth firefighters extinguish discarded fire which spread to …

Fire crews from Havant and Emsworth arrived at the scene with breathing apparatus and two hose jets.

The incident happened earlier today at the back garden of a character at Glenleigh Park in Havant.

About 10 firefighters attended.

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Fire engine stock pic .

A spokesperson from Havant Fire stop said: ‘When we arrived the discarded was well alight and it spread to the eaves of both similarities and damaged some of the window frames. With our quick actions we stopped it spreading to the character

‘Because we got water on it quickly that reduced the amount it damaged the character. There was no one injured and no one was in the character.’

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Crew say they were called out at 4.45pm and were there for two hours to extinguish the fire.

The cause of the blaze is currently unknown.

The fire service is investigating to understand the cause of the fire.

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