HIV/AIDS: Challenges Faced by Office Employees and Suggested Solutions to Successfully manager Them


In general, the awareness about HIV and AIDS has improved in India during this decade. This is obvious from the fall in number of affected and infected people given by Statistics by various Governmental agencies and N.G.Os. High risk people like truck drivers and sex workers have improved a lot (in AIDS awareness). at the minimum, most of them are always possessing condoms which give protection from spread of AIDS virus from one infected person to the other. But, the white collared employees have only half baked knowledge and suffer from doubts whether they are infected or not. Most of the time, the thought of possible infection tortures them and some poor fellows committed already suicide fearing infection, and in actuality it was not so.

N.G.Os, social workers, counsellors and field workers have done a commendable service in creating the awareness and taking care and extending sustain. The author of this article is founder of an N.G.O ‘Sagodhar” (Brotherhood). by that N.G.O he has answered several queries to white collared staff like Bank, Insurance staff and college Professors and students, who hesitate to consult unknown people. Here are certain doubts typically raised by them with answers thereof given in the form of simple question and answers. Most of the questions are real life questions raised in meetings sponsored by LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL.wherein the undersigned author answered the queries in his capacity as district chairman and also as the founder of the N.G.O Sagodhar..

Q 1: Is there any difference between HIV and AIDS? If so, can you please explain the actual difference with their significance?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is the virus which causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS consists of group of illness acquired when the body is unable to defend against possible infections. Hence there is a time gap between HIV and it becoming converted to AIDS. A HIV affected person need not fall into the grip of AIDS for 3 years, 8 years or already longer. Sometimes a HIV person will meet natural death too, without meeting AIDS at all. This depends on the medical and social treatment he receives while for AIDS there is no perfect treatment and death due to various infections is certain. Hence the work of social workers is confined to prevent HIV from entering into AIDS.

Q2: In that case, is there less danger in HIV than AIDS?

HIV is no less unhealthy than AIDS. In the case of an individual, a HIV infected person lives longer than the AIDS patient. But an unscrupulous fellow will be going on spreading HIV due to unprotected sex. The worst affected are their children who stands exposed to this risk more than other segments.

Q3: How to clarify a person who is affected by HIV?

If the person has enough psychological strength to cover the trauma of HIV, likely to be converted as AIDS, absolutely there is no way to differentiate a man or a woman who is affected with HIV. In fact, on some occasions HIV affected person will be more handsome with strong physique than a person not affected. There are several celebrities who are affected with HIV, who make gorgeous public appearances. Only a blood test can tell whether a person is affected with HIV or not.

Q4: Then what is the way to avoid having contact with HIV?

Having sex with only one partner with assured non infection will never make you in contact with HIV. This applies to both the partners and conjugal fidelity plays an important role. In case, you have multi partner sex, it is not possible to have blood test with each and everybody, every time. using a quality condom will prevent from spread of HIV. While taking blood donation, one should insist on tested blood.

Q5: What about spread of HIV by injection needles?

We should use only disposable needles and syringes which come from a single package and sterilised properly. Secondly we should never proportion needles and syringes with others, as some drug users do.

Q 6: Is kissing a HIV affected person present the danger of having contact with HIV?

No. But better to avoid thorough kissing.

Q7: That shows already saliva can move HIV virus?

Any blood related liquid can transform HIV. Semen, mother ‘milk, saliva are transferring agencies in decreasing order. Sharing of blades also can sometimes move HIV though very rarely. Tattooing is another area where people should exercise caution. Please observe that for acquiring HIV, actual in-take of polluted blood or blood related liquid by some contact or injection is needed

Q8: Can you tell something about the origin of HIV?

It is widely believed that this contamination started from Chimpanzees. Chimpanzees are very near to human and they can carry the virus which other animals cannot do. Another opinion is that, in the initial stages, it spread by homosex among several tourists and males who were working together in large groups etc. The origin of HIV is Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) among various persons. Somehow it might have mixed with blood and a new virus might have come into existence. Hence the virus itself is of recent origin.

Q9: Can I work with an employee infected with HIV?

Why not? HIV does not spread by casual contacts, sharing of toilets etc. It is the duty of colleagues to assure a good treatment, re-assuring that he/she need not fear rejection.

Q10: Should such a person be allowed to continue in work?

Yes. Workers/staff who have not developed any of the symptoms associated with AIDS should be allowed to work and should not be condemned. In case he is affected with AIDS, he should be treated in the same way as any other person having other illness.

Q11: Does a HIV affected employee compulsorily inform the employer?

No need. Anyone infected with HIV need not inform the employers. They cannot be discriminated from other employees.

Q 12: What are the possible steps an employer may take to prevent spread of AIDS among his employees?

The Institutions with very good H.R set-up have to conduct HIV/AIDS awareness among their staff. They may invite educators from repute N.G.Os to give lectures. They have to position secret AIDS counselling sessions. Free condoms are to be provided. They may release special internal newsletters informing latest developments in HIV/AIDS research.

Q 13: Will not excess education and information spoil the mind of the staff?

This aspect of AIDS education is called Empowerment. Sex is the most basic need of any living being next only to Food. Hence empowerment by AIDS education is very much required. This will reduce the chances of risky behaviour and in case of unfortunate infection; necessary steps may be taken against its spread and further progression to AIDS.

Q 14: Are women more at risk of being infected with HIV?

Yes. Women are more inclined to this infection than men for various reasons. Main reason for this unfortunate fact is that they are at the receiving end of the semen which is a blood related liquid and is a good carrier of HIV. Gents are also unprotected but to far less extent which is because of some possible wounds inside the woman’s sex track. Social aversion is more for woman, in addition to less health care and nutrition.

Q 15: Whether any medicine is obtainable for AIDS?

Unlike the past decades, nowadays medicines are obtainable for AIDS too. AZT, in combination with other drugs forms the main treatment. Early detection and effective treatment of opportunistic infections also help to keep HIV under control. The use of different medicines like Ayurveda and Homeopathy also helps us to keep it under control. For HIV infected people both psychological and medicinal treatment is required.

Q 16: What is your final advice for office goers regarding facing the problem of HIV/AIDS?

“Prevention is better than cure’.

Stick to one faithful partner. Conjugal fidelity is the most needed quality in married life. In case you happen to have multi-partner sex with an un-known partner, use a quality condom.

In case of unfortunate infection, don’t lose heart. Have good consultation. Live in a healthy air with good nourishment. Take treatment for opportunistic infections and prevent HIV from converting into AIDS.

Don’t look down infected people in and around you either in office or in your family itself. Please give care and sustain for them and help them to live long.

Wish the readers healthy, wealthy and happy life.

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