Home Remedies For Controlling and Removing Pet Fleas

Home Remedies For Controlling and Removing Pet Fleas

Fleas are insects belonging to the order Siphonaptera. Insects of this order are usually wingless, with mouthparts that are structured to pierce skin and suck blood. Fleas usually live off the blood of birds and mammals and are considered external parasites. There’s a good reason to be concerned about this kind of insect. Aside from the fact that fleas suck blood and can live up to 100 days, a pair of fleas can produce some 400 to 500 offspring in their lifetime. They can also jump as high as 8 inches from one place to another. Fleas are commonly found in dogs, cats, rats and already humans. Controlling or eliminating fleas is easy if you know which remedies works against these insects. There are countless home remedies that you can make and use yourself to remove the fleas in your pet dogs and cats.

The first cure is the simplest of all methods to eliminate fleas: give your pets as many baths as possible if they have become infested with fleas. The insects will drown in water and will fall off your pets during a bath. Since fleas are also repelled by citrus, try adding a few drops of lemon dishwashing liquid when bathing your pet.

Your pets should also stay in a clean ecosystem. Regularly disinfect and vacuum the floors, and wash your pet’s bedding habitually to get rid of fleas. A drop of eucalyptus basic oil during the final rinse cycle when washing the pet’s bedding can also help remove fleas and dust mites.

As mentioned, fleas are commonly repelled by citrus, so you’ll find that a citrus repellant spray can help eliminate fleas. You can spray this around the house and on your pet to get rid of the parasites. Making citrus repellent is easy: cut a lemon into quarters and then drop into boiling water. After steeping the concoction overnight, you then pour the liquid into a spray bottle. You should spray this all over your pet – around his head, his collar, legs, and behind his ears. You should also use this to spray all over the pet’s bedding where the insects might be breeding.

An all-natural product made from tiny fossilized water plants called food grade diatomaceous earth can also be used for the purpose of eliminating fleas. This powder, made from mineral-based pesticide which repels fleas and other insects, should be sprinkled around the house or on your pet to remove fleas. It can be bought at most home improvement stores.

These are just some of the remedies you can use to control or remove fleas from your pet dogs and cats completely.

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