Homemade Greenhouses

More and more people are concerned with the rising cost of fresh food. Not to mention the quality of the food. Who wants to eat fresh vegetables complete of pesticides and chemicals? Not me, if I can help it. Many have taken a look at the greenhouse kits that are obtainable on the market. Some have found that they are above the budget they feel they should use for a greenhouse. The next option is to build one yourself. There are many materials to choose from.

· PVC pipe – This is a really inexpensive way of framing a greenhouse. There are connectors obtainable to make many different connections and angles. The best way to cover this kind of greenhouse is with a polyfilm. You can buy the pipe and most of the connectors at your local home store. The polyfilm may also be purchased there, but it usually is not the kind with a UV protection. Without the UV protection the film will break down more rapidly. I will confess. I have used the film from the home stores a long time ago and got a year’s use out of them.

· Wood – There are a associate of things about wood frames that I do not like. Unless you use cedar, redwood or a similar material, they are prone to termites, carpenter bees, decay, etc. If you use treated lumber to frame the greenhouse you run the risk of the chemicals leaching into anything touching it. This will also potentially react with the glazing materials you are using to cover your greenhouse. The easiest way to keep this from happening is to put a good coat of paint on the wood wherever the glazing material touches it.

· Galvanized pipe – If you are lucky enough to have a fabricator locally who will build you a pipe frame, you should consider it. They are lasting and will last a good long time. If you are not lucky enough to have a local fabricator there are tools on the market that you can use to bend your pipe yourself. These are similar to the tools that electricians use to bend conduit. This kind of frame may be covered with polyfilm or polycarbonate.

· Aluminum framing – Be creative. Check with your local sunroom company. They may be willing to sell you the aluminum extrusions to create your own greenhouse frame.

No matter what framing you choose, there are several glazing options obtainable. You may use polyfilm, polycarbonate or Solexx glazing materials. I should also not forget to mention the use of recycled windows. I have had many people tell me about their greenhouse that they have built with these.

There are so many materials, in so many price ranges, that there is absolutely no reason not to have a homemade greenhouse.

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