How to Detect the Presence of Ghosts and Other Spirits

Haunting happens – it’s more popular than many people would like to think. One of the functional aspects of every book that discusses ghosts and other paranormal activities, is a way to test if your house is haunted. In other words, how to detect the presence of ghosts and spirits? There are many ways to do so, that I’m going to describe right now.

Cold Spots

One of the most popular phenomenons regarding haunting and ghosts is called “cold spots”. As the name states, those are the spots of cold air that can be sensed out of nowhere. Imagine that you’re walking by warm corridor, and suddenly you can sense cold space. You’re making few steps forward, and it’s warm again. You’re going back, and cold identify is nevertheless there. It is believed for cold spots to be places where ghosts and spirits draw psychic energies to sustain their own “life” energies. Just be careful not to consider air-conditioner for paranormal activity, please.

Sensing the Presence

Another way to detect the presence of ghosts would be to sense literally presence of someone or something, when physically there’s no one around – no people, no animals. Like you stand in the kitchen, and out of nowhere you can sense there’s someone else in the room – you’re looking around, but there is nothing but dinner on the table.

Mood changes

Ghosts and spirits, depending on their character, can change mood in single room, or whole room. Imagine that you’re watching good comedy in TV and suddenly you want to cry – it might suggest there’s some sad spirit in the room. Spirits and ghosts can also create happy mood, or negative or already aggressive emotions.

Objects moving

Some intelligent spirit (meaning conscious ghosts) can move objects with invisible method. Different items might disappear and then appear in completely other place, or ghosts might also move things while you watch them (it’s an interesting view, I have to let in).

Those are active ways of detection. You can also detect ghosts with passive method. For example, by assuming that things like weird shadows, or astral lights might suggest the presence in the building. Sometimes also nightmares, or obsessive thoughts, and finally weird behaviours of animals might suggest some paranormal activity in your house.

As you can see, there are quite a few methods of detecting the presence of ghosts and spirits. Keep them in mind, but remember to keep skeptical – not every air-conditioner is ghost.

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