How to Find a Real Medium – Learn How to Avoid Fake Psychic Mediums Ev…

Are all mediums real? And if they’re not…what warning signs are there that you are about to be scammed? And when it comes to getting a real medium reading…are many of the psychic sets out there authentic? And if not…WHY not? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at my own personal preferences when it comes to finding a medium, and what you NEED to avoid when it comes to psychic scams in addition. disinctive to know more? Great….continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay….but can all mediums really talk to the other side? Or are they just making it up on the fly?

The good news? There are many authentic psychic mediums, clairvoyants and intuitives out there who CAN (and do) communicate with those “in spirit” with ease. I’ve had far too many authentic experiences over the past 20 years to have anyone convince me otherwise…and a REAL reading, with a authentic psychic medium can change your life in more ways than one. (most notably…the PROOF that life does continue on after death, which is the most profound, life changing knowledge you can get in this lifetime for sure.)

Unfortunately…there is BAD news, too. There are ALSO plenty of fakes, frauds and hucksters in addition…and to me, these are often the worst people in the world! Why? Because they are taking advantage of unprotected people in a time of need, and the inherent desire we ALL have to believe that are loved ones are “alive” and well on the other side.

So how can you find a REAL medium and make sure you avoid the frauds?

Do your due diligence! Pick mediums that have LONG track records of success. Find mediums who work for authentic, long running psychic networks that are credible, creative and have been around for a long while. (5 10 or already 15 years is optimal) Look for mediums who offer LEGIMATE sets….and not strange or exotic stuff like “channeling” or in person seances. (I do believe in both of these by the way…..but they are VERY scarce skills, and NOT shared in telephone psychics) Find INEXPENSIVE mediums who allow you to “test” them first for a reasonable price. (some networks offer first time customer “trust” readings…where you can find out for yourself whether a medium is authentic for 10 or 20 dollars right away)

The MOST important factor? Use your OWN intuition. Trust your gut. And look for VERIFICATION that what they tell you is real! Some of the best “proof” I’ve gotten from my own psychic medium readings has come from things they’ve told me, often within just a few short minutes…that would have been IMPOSSIBLE to know without some real “contact” with the other side! (and that’s the best proof that there is…and the most exciting information to get in addition!)

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