How To Kill Stink Bugs With Duct Tape

How To Kill Stink Bugs With Duct Tape

Killing stink bugs can be a challenge, not because it is impossible to catch them, but because those of us who have truly killed them before know that the stench that they release can be pretty rancid, and is not something you would want to have to deal with again. The smell can get on your skin, on your clothes, your furniture, your sheets, and your walls. So if you want to know how to kill stink bugs, you are going to have to get creative. You are going to have learn to think outside of the box. One solution that many people have found to be quite useful is the idea of using duct tape.

You can’t directly kill them with duct tape, of course. But you can use it as a method to capture them in addition as a method to create an impenetrable obstacle between walls and windows, to prevent them from gaining entry into a house or into a particular room within your house (or from exiting a particular room, if you are trying to limit them). So let’s take a closer look at and examine just how we can leverage duct tape as our tactical weapon of choice in our war of how to kill stink bugs.

A Sticky Situation

Duct tape is essentially a much stronger version of your average, everyday household scotch tape that you might use in the office or in school. It has a much stronger level of adhesiveness that binds two objects together. It would require a great deal more force to tear two objects apart that are bound together with duct tape than it would take to tear two objects apart that are bound together with simple scotch tape. And then, when you are talking about this kind of tape, there are various degrees of strength. You can already find industrial strength variations of it that is so strong, that if you try to remove it, you might end up ripping or tearing the objects that you had bound together with it.

What strength you want to use depends on the kind of structure you are going to be securing it to, but the point is that you can use it as a trap to capture them, when used properly. You can make a simple trap by laying some fruit out on a table and affixing it to the duct tape, and have the tape affixed to a piece of paper or some other discardable object. In theory, the stink bug will land on the tape or set foot on it in the time of action of attempting to devour the fruit, and will get stuck to it.

Or you can keep the duct tape near a source of heat and light, so as to attract them to it in addition. Once the stink bug gets stuck to the tape, you can safely pick up the strip of tape and discard it in the trash.

An Impenetrable obstacle

As mentioned above, another way how to kill stink bugs using duct tape is to use it as a obstacle. If you have a window screen that doesn’t fit your window properly and has gaps in it, or if you have any kind of gaps between where windows and doors meet the wall structure, then duct tape can be used to provide a seal that is absolutely impermeable to them. They will not be able to squeeze past it to gain entry into your home. And already if somehow they are able to maneuver into any tight spaces, you can be assured that they appendages or perhaps any other part of their body will get stuck to the adhesive and become immobile. If this were to happen, then it becomes easy to remove the duct tape, with the bugs attached to it, and then discard it in an appropriate receptacle.

There are many ways how to kill stink bugs without having to resort to directly squashing them, and consequently releasing that putrid odor. Duct tape can not only serve as an effective mechanism whereby you can trap them and then dispose of them appropriately. It can also be used as a method to seal off any fractures or gaps in your home by which they might try to find a way to get inside your home.

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