How to Make an Employment Claim Under Your Basic Homeowners Insurance …

How to Make an Employment Claim Under Your Basic Homeowners Insurance …

If you have had problems at work and you feel that your employer has treated you badly, you may have a valid claim against your employers whereby you can claim compensation.

Firstly you should check your basic homeowners insurance policy to see if you have any legal expenses cover. If you do have this cover it is likely that you would be covered for a range of employment related claims.

What might be covered?

There are many different claims that may be covered under a basic homeowners insurance policy. Examples of such claims include, unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination, wrongful dismissal, bullying and harassment and many more. These types of claims would typically be brought in an Employment Tribunal.

You will need to check your basic homeowners insurance to ascertain the level of cover you have under your policy. It is usually £25,000 or £50,000. Also it is a good idea to check your policy wording for any exclusion which may apply to your claim. It is shared for basic homeowners insurance to exclude certain employment claims, for example, claims relating to equal pay.

You will need to contact your legal expenses provider as soon as possible. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly there may be a condition in your policy relating to notification and if you fail to notify your insurer within the given time frame, your claim may end up being rejected. Secondly there are very short time limits for bringing employment related claims. typically, but not always, this is 3 months so make sure you do not delay!

Once your claims form has been sent to you, you must fill it in with as much detail as possible and provide copies of any evidence you may have to sustain your claim. It is useful to send a copy of your employment contract and copies of any paperwork from your employer.

Once you have filled in and returned the claims form, the legal expenses provider will make a decision on whether to fund your claim. This decision will be based upon whether your claim falls within your basic homeowners insurance policy wording and whether your claim enjoys a reasonable prospect of succeeding. The claim form and supporting documentation is typically reviewed by a legally trained adviser.

If your claim is not accepted for any reason, your insurer will write to you and explain exactly why it has been rejected.

What happens if my claim is accepted?

If your claim has been successful it is likely that your basic homeowners insurance policy will state whether you are obliged to use one of the panel solicitors of whether you are able to choose your own solicitor.

Once your claim is with a solicitor you will be able to liaise directly with the solicitor and they will represent you. You should not need to have any more contact with your insurer.

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