How to Start a Blog That is Right For You

How to Start a Blog That is Right For You

If you have been thinking about starting a blog, using a free blogging site allows you to determine if blogging really is for you and what’s more, you can experiment with different ideas and themes without incurring any costs. Widely used blogging web sites like blogger (which can be found at,, and the increasingly popular, permit users to set up and run a blog with no charges whatsoever. Using one of these blog sites you can be up and running in no time. As these free blogging sites provide all the help you need to get started, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go. Since there is no problem finding a free blog, numerous people who would never before have considered having any kind of web site, find themselves tempted to proportion their thoughts, ideas, and images with others by blogging.

Once you get a free blog it can be easier to get listed in search engines that it would be if you had set up a blog on your own website. One reason for this is that, runs blogger and crawls its pages frequently looking for updates, so if you have opted for a blogger blog at, you are virtually guaranteed to be listed in Google’s own blog search engine. By getting listed in the search engines and hopefully enjoying some free traffic as a consequence, you can eliminate some of the work that needs to be done to promote your blog; you can get visitors more freely, and create a following without having to do a great deal of work to generate traffic. and are also crawled regularly by the search engines.

Should your blog begin to attract a lot of visitors, it might be wise to consider moving your site. Some people feel that using a free blogging web site gives your blog a kind of amateur feel which is OK when you are new to the blogosphere, but is inappropriate for a more high-profile blog especially if you’re planning on attracting advertisers and generating an income from your blogging efforts. Using your own domain can help make your blog look more specialized, and given that registering a domain name is inexpensive and finding a web hosting company to great number your blog is both easy and inexpensive, you might want to consider taking this route. If you choose a web hosting company such as which uses Cpanel and includes Fantastico (and most do), you can set up a WordPress blog on your own website in associate of minutes. There are also instructions within Blogger for exporting your free blog if you need to do this.

Another assistance of owning your own blog is that you might be able to sell it at some point which would not be possible if your blog remained on a free site. Should your blog really take off, you should be able to sell enough advertising space on it to be able buy a domain and pay for a hosting package if you are currently strapped for cash. Since now make it easy to monetize your blog using their AdSense advertising system, and they have recently included easy access to’s enormous database of products, generating an income from blogging is becoming more and more possible. However, you will need a reasonably large readership to see a decent return on your efforts.

Starting a blog using one of the free blogging sets is an ideal way to experience blogging before incurring any costs. Should your new blog become popular and you decide to move it to your own website, you can always place a link on your old blog to direct visitors to your new online home.

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