Hummingbird Sex Position

Hummingbird Sex Position

Hummingbird Position has nothing to do with that little bird of course. It is a sexual position in which the legs and arms of the partners involved are flapping about, they are not in use at all. Got you interested?

Every now and then there is a new revelation regarding our sexual activities. And when I say “revelation” I really do average that, because we Westerners don’t know much about making love. Let’s confront it – the real art of making love is not what you see in those sleazy porn movies – it is something beautiful, something divine, truly artistic. Our Eastern brothers figured that out a long time ago, and while we were in the dark middle ages, doing the old missionary position, they were inventing many new ways of enjoying sex.

This technique, the Hummingbird Position, or Eros Hummingbird, is one of those. Very uncommon one, very involving one and – very orgasmic one. You should try it and see, or should I say feel it, for yourself. As I mentioned already, you don’t use hands or legs – you use only your mouth. But that’s not all. There is a secret ingredient: humming. You use your vocal cords to produce vibrations!

If you intend to make love to your loved one, and I average make love – not just having sex, then you should start thinking about a new and an exciting approach to the old in-and-out routine you’re probably accustomed to. Making love is a spiritual experience, an adventure, art. It is not about nudity – it is about the soul! It is not about the hormones – it is about the feelings! It s not about satisfaction – it is about passion! It is not about vagina or penis – it is about the heart! The sooner you realize these axioms, the better lover you will become. This new state of mind will permit you to give more, but to receive more in addition.

Learning about sex locaiongs is learning about making love, and if you really want to learn about sex locaiongs then Hummingbird Position is the perfect one to start with. It will turn your sex life upside down! How many sex locaiongs have you tried in your life? 5? Maybe 10? That is like you have been using only 5 or 10 colors to make a painting! Imagine the whole new palette you can choose from! You can mix them and get the new ones, which will make your painting rare!

One more thing, Hummingbird Position is something your partner has probably never heard before, let alone tried! Talking about a surprise!

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