Insurance Agency Websites, Microsites, Minisites and Landing Pages

Insurance Agency Websites, Microsites, Minisites and Landing Pages

Everyone knows what an insurance agency website is, but more granular insurance agency web marketing terms such as microsites, minisites, landing pages and squeeze pages may be slightly of a mystery to many agents and brokers. What’s the difference between these, and why are they an important aspect of your insurance agency marketing?

Let’s begin with a fleeting definition of each:

  • Microsite: A microsite, which is also known as a landing page, minisite or weblet, is an Internet web design term usually referring to an individual web page. Examples of this might be a web page dedicated to Auto Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Condo Insurance or Errors & Omissions.
  • Minisite: A minisite is a small and focused website dedicated to a specific topic. Most minisites contain just a few pages, though pragmatically they can have as few as one webpage or as many as 20. They are typically a subset of a larger website. For example, the XYZ Insurance Agency website might have 30 pages of content, and have two minsites, one of these dedicated to Transportation Company Insurance (Trucking Insurance Leads), the other dedicated to Benefits and Compliance (Group Benefits Leads).
  • Landing Page: A landing page is a single web page that is rendered when a user clicks on a search consequence, online advertisement, social media link, etc. The landing page is often rule or sales oriented, displaying content directly related to the advertisement, search consequence or social media link. An example of a landing page might be Florida Yacht Insurance or specialized Liability Insurance for Engineers.
  • Squeeze Page: Squeeze pages are landing pages produced and designed to capture leads, to increase subscriptions (to newsletters for example), or registration for an event (webinars/seminars), etc. Examples of a Squeeze Page include: Territory Exclusive Insurance rule Generation Webinar, or PPACA Compliance Newsletter Subscription.
  • Weblet: Weblets, a term credited to NASA origin, is similar to a minisite or microsite, though there are a few meaningful differences. It is often maintained by a single individual. It typically provides content which can be downloaded. Weblets are often produced to assist non-technical people to help publish specialized looking web content without having to know anything about programming.

All of these terms are applicable to insurance agency websites and insurance agency web marketing. They are specific tools purposed to excursion traffic, generate inbound leads, and increase subscription and/or event attendance. They are also used to convey subject matter skill and credibility. If you are an agent or broker seeking to extend reach and excursion more qualified inbound leads, microsites, minisites, landing pages and squeeze pages should become part of your vocabulary.

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