Interchangeable Shoes – Swap Top Shoes

The idea of interchangeable shoes has been around for a little while now. There are a few claims as to the first to come up with the idea.

I believe it’s between Lindsay Phillips and Dominique Barteet, although there may be other claims.

Dominique Barteet was the recent winner of Shark Tank on US TV with her very impressive performance of her Onesole brand of interchangeable shoes. Dominique had developed her shoes after working on her feet for 12 hours a day as a pharmacist. She wanted a shoe that was comfortable. She developed Onesoles with Soft-Step insoles and interchangeable tops.

Dominique Barteet’s Onesole shoe idea is a 20 year vision that came to fruition in the year 2002. She wanted to create a shoe that would be versatile, fun, economical, and easy for travel. You can virtually have a closet complete of different shoes with a associate of her soles and some tops. Each only has interchangeable tops that fit every only with just a associate of snaps. This enables you to match any outfit easily, economically and with great comfort. The idea has been patented and is regularly expanding every day to fulfil an inventive shoe niche in today’s market.

Lindsay Phillips however has a most interesting and equally impressive claim.

Lindsay developed her concept whilst nevertheless in high school. She designed a pair of ceramic flip flops, received such a huge response that she knew a great idea had been born. Lindsay ‘s first product was SwitchFlops which uses Velcro as a method of securing interchangeable straps. Before graduating from high school, she applied for the patent.

Whilst attending college Lindsay Phillips travelled extensively gaining inspiration for new strap designs. she developed merchandising, development and manufacturing skills during summer vacations working for Polo Ralph Lauren. Her patent was finally granted in 2004.

However it wasn’t until 2007 when SwitchFlops made their turn up in Orlando to be met with basic acclaim for a really inventive product that the order started rolling in. Lindsay’s mum had joined her in the business and assisted in the finding of a appropriate manufacturer.

The SwitchFlop brand is now a worldwide success with a huge variety of sandals and strap designs, which permit the shoes to be transformed from beach to formal use in seconds.

Other interchangeable ideas obtainable come from Leather flip flops for women and Bare only straps for them and other interchangeables like Popperoo, Jane Rafter Slinks, etc.

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