Is 700 a Good Credit Score Or Do You Need to Raise it Before Taking Ou…

Many people want to know-is 700 a good credit score? The short answer is yes, it is. Generally speaking, a lower credit score will be between three hundred and seventy five and nine hundred, and seven hundred twenty is the average in the US.

consequently, 700 will net you a typical interest rate on a loan or mortgage. clearly, it could certainly be higher if you were take certain steps such as working with a credit repair company, but if you already have a decent credit score, there really is no reason to go to this trouble.

However, here’s some thing to keep in mind-if you were simply quoted this credit score by a financial institution you are about to do business with, I wouldn’t just take this info at confront value.

Since the new laws were passed recently, everybody in America is entitled to one free credit report every year, in which they can then look over their past history and ascertain whether there are any errors on the document. If so, they are probably negatively affecting your credit score, and consequently you want to argument them as quickly as possible, before you accept an negative deal with the company.

already if your credit score sounds fairly accurate to you, I’d take this additional step just to be sure; if you find just one or two errors, it could average the difference between getting a decent or great interest rate, so be sure to do this.

What info do you need to provide in order to get a free credit report? Just give them your name, when you were born, address, SS #, and anything else they ask for, and you should be ready to go. Remember, the comes that provide a free credit report are clearly very careful about who they give this to, as they don’t want to give this important info out to just anybody who rings them up.

consequently, hopefully this has answered your question: is 700 a good credit score? already though it is decent, I would nevertheless seriously check into your credit report, and be sure it’s not slightly higher.

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