It’s Not Easy To Be A Software Developer

It’s Not Easy To Be A Software Developer

Being a software developer is definitely a job which pays very well most of the time. However, at the same time it’s the kind of a job where rules of the game changes every now and then. New people who go into the field of software development often ignores this fact and quickly realizes that already though software is meant to simplify lot of responsibilities, developing that software itself is not an easy task. It’s important to know what makes software development so dynamic and what we need to do to survive in this field.

The world around us keeps of changing rapidly. This results in change in government policies, increase or decline in certain demands and ultimately the changes in business rules. As software is nothing but a form of the real world, it also has to change along with the change in business rules. Due to this, requirements of the software being developed changes pretty often which ultimately forces developers to make changes to source codes quite frequently. While making sure that software satisfy the needs of its user, developers also have to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies.

As software technology is a growing field, there is an current race of technologies in the market. According to the article “Java is becoming the new Cobol” by Bill Snyder, Java is now losing its popularity due to the competition from other new technologies like PHP or Ruby on rails. Bill also mentions in his article that many developers feel that Java truly slows their software development course of action. however, the technology or language that could be used for a particular domain cannot be used for other domains. So software developers have to work hard to keep themselves updated with different technologies. If they don’t do so, then they will ultimately end up losing their jobs.

If you want to grow in your career as a software developer, you should be able to code your software such that it will be easy to modify according to the changes in its specifications. You should also know how to keep yourself updated with the new technologies and methodologies that help you in developing better software application. Regular and active participation in forums related to software development and getting involved in open source projects will help you to develop a better career as software developer.


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