Justin Bieber Banned From Buying Ferrari

Justin Bieber Banned From Buying Ferrari

Ferrari has barred singer Justin Bieber from ever purchasing another of its vehicles. The dealership claims Bieber violated car-alteration regulations.

According to reports, Bieber has changed the colour of his 2011 F458 Italia to neon blue. He also additional a Liberty Walk body kit to it.

In 2016, the singer crashed his car while partying in Los Angeles and later donated it to charity. According to the rules of the company, it states that a customer cannot sell their car in the first year and if they wish to sell it thereafter, they need to seek permission from Ferrari.

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Along with that, it is also stated that any unauthorised modifications will not be appreciated. It is a lesser-known fact that Bieber lost his 458 alternation in 2016 after he was spotted partying in Los Angeles.

additionally, Justin Bieber is not the only one on the bammed list as there have been many more celebrities who have been banned by Ferrari in the past. It included Kim Kardashian as she reportedly accepted a Prancing Horse as a wedding gift from a fraudster.

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already the notable Hollywood star, Nicolas Cage, who has a enormous car collection, bought a $1 million Ferrari Enzo back in 2003 but was forced to sell the same due to bankruptcy. The company later decided to ban the artist as they believed the incident would affect their brand name.

Also, music producer and artist Deadmau5 was also additional to the list along with others namely Rapper 50 Cent, Preston Henn, and others.

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