Local Hosting at Home – How to Set Up

It is always better to have local hosting at home since it is a simple and less expensive way of hosting your own website. It is not at all difficult to have set up local hosting at home. For this you need to have few things such as web server programs, hard excursion space, good connection and then your web hosting would be easily set up at home and you can easily great number your own website. If you follow the following tips then you can easily set up the web hosting server.

The first thing that you need for setting up web hosting at home is high speed connection. For this you should have faster DSL or cable modem connections. You should not do hosting of your website on a dial-up connection. Also if you have DSL or cable modem connection then it would be ensured that your visitors can connect to your website at any time they want to.

For hosting your website you need to have a separate section in the hard excursion where you can store your website. This should be the area where there would be no public access allowed. Also you can have a second hard excursion so that you can use that for your website.

The next step should be to install web server software program. You can have Apache which is widely used and for downloading that you can get various resources online.

Now you need to provide a static or a dynamic IP address to your Internet Service Provider. If you have a high speed connection then you would have a static IP address and it is good to have a static IP address if you are hosting a website.

Now you should buy a domain name. After you have purchased a domain name then you can use the tools which you would get in the administration program so that your domain can be pointed properly.

Now you should create your web pages by using the website creation and the content management programs. The website would be produced quickly if you take the help of either WordPress or Drupal.

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