Maui Day Trips

Maui Day Trips

To start off a visit in Maui, you may want to try a sea adventure. Most visitors will never forget the beautiful natural scenery of the ocean and islands, the food served onboard or its sailing experience. It is a wonderful idea for a day trip or excursion on Maui. The snorkeling and whale watching activities lets you escape in a paradise that is different from the normal grind of work in an office cubicle.

If you think Maui is fun on land in the water, wait until you see it from the air! There are many helicopter companies that offer a specialized and awesome experience to see islands from off the ground. They can videotape your experience over the skies of Maui in safe and well-maintained helicopters piloted by specialized pilots. After viewing so many beautiful natural wonders, you will feel that a helicopter ride over Maui is almost a religious experience.

It’s hard to believe that landscapes on such a small island can be so different. Not only that, the local people of Hawaii are made of many cultures, and are interesting to meet and mingle with. Maui also hosts some of the best dining and shopping areas in world compared to any destination of its size.

Haleakala offers one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world. Haleakala method “house of the rising sun” in the Hawaiian language. Upon witnessing the Haleakala sunrise himself, Jimi Hendrix was most likely inspired to name his last album the “First Rays of the New Rising Sun” after visiting the Maui landmark in 1970.

Find out why luaus are so fun to do on Maui. They are great for families and couples interested in learning more about the culture and dances of Hawaii and Polynesia.

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