Microwave Termite Treatment – Commonly Asked Questions

Microwave Termite Treatment – Commonly Asked Questions

The following are two shared questions many people ask about the microwave termite treatment course of action.

How does it work?

Microwave Termite Treatment kills termites, fungi and beetle larva within the wood where they live. This is achieved by the bombardment of radio frequency groups upon the pests’ cell structure and the wood cells housing them. The radio frequency bombardment of the moisture within the wood and pest thermally heats the infestation or infection rapidly from the inside outward, similar to the way a potato thermally heats within a microwave oven. Heat generated becomes lethal in a very short time. The generator is then moved to treat nearby infested areas. the time of action is repeated until the complete area of infestation has been thoroughly treated.

How do you know the infestation will die?

During treatment procedure the temperature is observed for safety and for certainty to unprotected to the lethal treatment dosage needed to assure a good kill.

A number of past university research studies by well renowned entomologists have established proven lethal temperatures for termite kill at about 125.7 degrees Fahrenheit maintained for 5 minutes, damage also occurs to wood destroying beetle larva at similar temperatures. Infestations exposed rapidly to extreme temperatures above 128 degrees Fahrenheit are damaged quickly.

“Without a doubt, sufficient microwave energy applied to infested wood will kill termites.” Venard R. Lewis, Ph.D Entomologist, 1996 UC Berkeley efficacy research report.

Microwave termite treatment is recommended to be performed by a responsible pest control applicator who has been fully trained and informed of the proper and safe operational use of a Microwave treatment system.

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